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The 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics saw the debut of an new feline internet star: Walter the cat.

The commercial featured a feline named Walter engaging in what have until now been deemed "canine" activities.

Walter hides in a duck blind with his owner, sits in the bow of a boat, begs his owner to throw a ball one more time, corners other cats up a tree and even herds cattle.

But perhaps the most priceless moment of the commercial is the conversation between his owner and another angler next to the Chevy Silverado after the pair observe Walter diving off the pier into a lake to fetch a stick:

Walter's First Commercial debuted at the Tokyo Olympics 2021 

The spot was an instant hit, and has racked up more than 2.1 million views on YouTube. Chevrolet probably didn't predict that an adventurous dog-like cat would overshadow its truck, but it knows a feline star when it sees one.

Now Walter the cat is back, alongside the 2022 Chevy Silverado to prove that winter weather needn't be a problem whether you've got all-wheel drive or just four paws.

This time, as his owner relaxes reading the newspaper inside their snowy cabin in the woods, the cat that thinks he’s a dog brings him his lead with a questioning look.

So out they go into the snow, hiking across snow-capped mountains, playing a game of ice hockey together, and camping in the snow,and leading a sled team of huskies across the snow.

When Walter discovers a distressed skier trapped in the snow, he begins digging to set him free. “That’s incredible” the trapped skier breathes. Thinking he’s talking about the Chevy Silverado, Walter’s car-proud owner starts telling the skier everything his beast of a truck can do.

When the skier clarifies he was talking about the cat, Walter’s owner says with great exasperation “It’s like nobody’s seen a cat before,” before giving the man a hand and pulling him out of the snow.

Walter In Winter debuted during Superbowl 2022 

Although they may not be the sort of activities you typically associate with cats, Walter's doggishness wasn't actually the result of CGI. In the original advertisement, nine identical tabby cats were used to play the role of Walter. Each furry actor had a specific unique ability such as jumping into a truck, busting through a door, or coming out of water.

The cats had their own air-conditioned trailer on set while the human actors did not. That is star treatment!

Chevy’s 'Walter in Winter' sequel required more CGI simply because it was a winter shoot. But once again, in stealing the show in the Chevy ad, Walter proves that the family dog isn’t the only fur-kid worthy of the title of Man’s Best Friend.

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