Thoughts About The New Show Season
By Lee Harper, Editor of PandEcats & ShowCatsOnline

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May 1st is traditionally the beginning of the new show season in the cat fancy.

As I was preparing for our first issue in May, it occurred to me that the first day of a new show season is similar in spirit to New Year's Eve. The last year is done. Before us stretches a new season filled with possibilities.

And so, I'd like to share a few of my thoughts . . .

The old season is done. The winners have been crowned.

Some people will have reached the goals they set a year ago.

Some people will have had a season beyond their wildest dreams.

Some people will have fallen short of their expectations.

But now, we are at the beginning of the new season, and once again, all things are possible. Let your imagination run free. All sorts of adventures await.

YOU could be showing the next national winner!

This may be the year you breed the kitten you have always hoped for.

Or this may be the season you have your first cat earn a DM title.

You find the perfect cat to add to your breeding program.

No matter how great or how humble your goals for the season may be, this is an ideal time to sit down and think about what you hope to accomplish for the 2022-2023 show season. And like New Year's Eve, this is a time to make resolutions as well as to set new goals.

So, taking an old-fashioned pencil and paper in hand, I curled up on the sofa, and with several cats crowding onto my lap, I made my resolutions for the upcoming season.


  1. I resolve to try a little harder to educate myself in all aspects of breeding, showing and caring for my beloved cats.
  2. I will make an effort to be aware of anti-breeder legislation and join the fight against it.
  3. I will go to one more show than I did last year to help support the cat clubs that produce the shows we all love.
  4. I resolve to be a little kinder to my fellow exhibitors in the show hall.
  5. I resolve to speak kindly about other exhibitors, no matter how tempting it may be to gossip.
  6. Each show I will introduce myself to at least one person who I don't know in the show hall.
  7. I am going to step forward and congratulate all the winners, even (or perhaps especially) if they defeat my own beloved kitty.
  8. I accept that rosette or no rosette, my cat remains the same.
  9. I resolve to speak to the household pet exhibitor and let them tell me their cat's story.
  10. I resolve to mentor at least one new breeder this year. I am getting older and they are the future of the cat fancy.
  11. I will remember that what is true for me as a cat fancier, may be different for other people and different in other breeds.
  12. I will understand that this is a hobby and not life or death, and I will behave accordingly.

So, what are your New Show Season Resolutions?

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