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Opening a pristine set of brand new, shrink-wrapped ring number cards before the start of a show was a pleasure for every clerk that has had to deal with missing or shuffled cards provided by a club or cage service in the past.

At one time, sets of new ring number cards were provided through sponsors, however the sponsor of the cards found that the cost of providing them was no longer the best use of their advertising dollar, and so the distribution of these cards came to an end.

The Show Rule

Many experienced ring clerks have their own set of ring number cards, however, show rules require that club management provide numbered cards for the use of the clerks in each ring.

Templates Available

If an individual or club would like to print their own ring cards we are providing a template for printing CFA or TICA cards that can be downloaded through the links below. The template may be adjusted for any size card stock for those who prefer using 4" X 6" index cards. Some clerks also prefer using two sets of cards, one pink and one blue, in order to prevent sexing confusion during the show.

CFA Show Ring Number Cards

CFA entries are numbered sequentially. The template for CFA cards includes numbers 1-450. Only print the first 225 "pages" if a smaller set is desired.

Download CFA Show Ring Number Cards HERE

TICA Show Ring Number Cards

For the TICA cards, numbers 1-500 are included in the template.

CFA entries are numbered sequentially, while TICA exhibits are numbered according to class:

1-50 LH Kittens
51-100 SH Kittens
101-200 LH Adults
201-300 SH Adults
301-350 LH Alters
351-400 SH Alters
401-450 LH HHP (adults and kittens)
451-500 SH HHP (adults and kittens)
501-550 Preliminary New Breed
551-600 Advanced New Breed
601-650 New Traits Class

For Preliminary New Breed, Advanced New Breed and New Traits Class cards, multiple copies of card #5 and #6 may be printed and the other two digits handwritten with a large black marker, or additional "pages" may be added to the template to automatically generate these numbers.

For a TICA show set, you may not want to print all the HHP numbers and you may choose to print only a few cards for the new breeds and new traits classes. You also may choose to print only 25-30 numbers for LH and SH alters, depending on the size of your show.

Download the TICA Show Ring Number Cards HERE


Having a personal set of ring number cards is now an attainable luxury every ring clerk can easily experience by investing a little time, a little card stock, and a little printer ink.

With Thanks: The templates downloadable from this page were designed by Cheryl Leigh Chamberlin with graphic modifications by Lorraine Shelton


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