A Persian Painting By Roby Baer PSA

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"Lilla Boss"
A painting in pastels by Roby Baer PSA

The gorgeous image of a blue Persian cat pictured on the right is not a photograph.

Titled "Lila Boss", the award-winning, photo-realistic feline head study is an artwork in pastels by the renowned artist,
Roberta (Roby) Baer.

Self taught, Roby has refined her style and technique over the past thirty years

Roby was elected to Signature Status by the Pastel Society of America.

This prestigious honor comes with the distinction of signing PSA on all of her originals, prints, and correspondence.

While she occasionally paints still lifes, Roby's artwork primarily features animals.

Her subjects include wildlife, ranging from insects to grizzlies, from fish to waterfowl. She also creates incredible images of domestic animals; cats, dogs, horses, even cattle . . .

The Creation of "Lilla Boss"

The painting of the blue Persian titled "Lilla Boss" is one of Roby's personal favorites.

Persian cats are in her blood, part of her personal history. Many years ago Roby bred Persian cats. Along with dilutes and odd eyed whites, her favorite colors included bi-colors and calicos. It was this love of Persian cats that inspired Roby to paint "Lilla Boss", the beloved Persian of Judith Maria Rendahl, Roby's good friend.

In the video below, you can watch (in fast motion) Roby Baer create the painting Lilla Boss (in less than four minutes).

Based in Redding, California, Roby travels the West participating in art shows and national juried art competitions.

Roby was featured in the Master Painter Showcase of International Artist Magazine; she was Artist of the Year for Quail Unlimited and The Dove Sportsmans Society as well as winning a competition to immortalize the Sundial Bridge in Redding, California.

Below are a few samples of her incredible artwork.

To view more of Roby Baer's art, please visit her website at http://www.robys.com/home.html.

"Cottage Quail"
Winning entry 2016-2017 California Upland Game Bird Stamp Art Contest

"Arabian Mare"

"Sun Bath"

"Evening Scout"

"Forever Faithful"

"Gathering Time"

The artist, Roby Baer

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