Feng Shui For Your Cat

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The first time I heard about Feng Shui (apparently pronounced Feng Schway not Feng Shooeey) I assumed that a new Chinese or Thai restaurant had opened up in the area.

I was quite chuffed about that as I am partial to Chinese food, well any sort of food actually (particularly prawn crackers), but I digress ...

Apparently Feng Shui (which means wind and water in Chinese), is, and I quote here . . . "the ancient system of environmental placement".

It has been practiced in China for over 5,000 years, because it makes sense to align ourselves in a balanced way with the energies of our environments.

The basic philosophy of feng shui is that everything is energetically connected and always changing, and that your consciousness is represented in your environment. Its purpose is to align ourselves in a balanced and harmonious way to the energies of where we live and work.

This includes understanding the physical aspects of our environments, as well as the invisible aspects of our environments, as they relate to direction, time and space.

So there you go then—is that clear? Humph . . . I thought as much! All a bit long winded if you ask me so here is my guide to good and bad shui!

Good Shui

  • All the tuna you can eat
  • Your own tin opener and a ready supply of food
  • An internet account with Petsmart for treats!
  • Well trained owners correctly positioned on sofas
  • Cat baskets carefully positioned to catch the sun
  • A tranquil and peaceful environment to ensure maximum relaxation
  • Absolutely no dogs to upset the balance

Bad Shui

  • A cat lying across the top of the stairs
  • A cat lying halfway down the stairs
  • Owner in crumpled heap at bottom of stairs.
  • Very irate owner at bottom of stairs.
  • You get the picture!

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