CFA & TICA End Show Seasons
Due To Concerns About COVID-19

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March 12, 2020, CFA president, Mark Hannon released the following statement:

As a valued family member of the cat fancy, your safety and well being are CFA’s top priority. With continued news around coronavirus (COVID-19), I want to personally share the steps we are taking to protect you.

Beginning on Monday, March 16, all shows through May 31 will be cancelled - effectively ending the show season after this weekend.

It is not a decision that was taken lightly.  Our team worked together to formulate the best options for exhibitors, spectators and judges. The best option was to cancel all remaining shows.  Since the only show this coming weekend is the Crab & Mallet show which would go on without spectators and because of the late hour, we decided it prudent to let the Crab & Mallet show be held - so as not to inconvenience exhibitors and judges already in transit.

The Board will in the near future discuss possible change to the minimums for national awards including breed wins.  We will also discuss possible financial compensation to clubs impacted by the cancellations.  Share your thoughts with your Regional Director or ID Committee chair.

I will keep you posted as events around the world continue to impact all of our lives.  I want you to know that CFA is committed to our fanciers, our business and our communities.


Mark Hannon
CFA President


Soon afterwards, TICA followed suit.

The various cat registries around the world have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by cancelling cat shows to prevent large gatherings of cat fanciers from possibly being exposed to the virus.


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