Cats And The Military

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As Remembrance Day approaches, let us recall that felines have played a role in the armed forces of the world for centuries.

Crewmen on the deck of the USS Olympia use a mirror to play with their cats in 1898.
The Olympia served as Admiral George Dewey's flagship at the Battle of Manila during the Spanish American War. 

Crewman of the USS Texas pose with mascot dog and cat on the muzzle of one of the ship's guns.
Built in 1892, The Texas was the first U.S. battleship.

Infantrymen with their feline friends

The cats of the USS Mississippi climb ladders to enter their hammock.
The Mississippi was involved in several fierce battles during World War Two.

USS Flusser cat 'Wockle' on the capstan in Venice, Italy during WW 1. 

Pilots on a US Navy aircraft carrier relax by playing with the ship's mascot. before flying far above the Atlantic on a battle-mission.

A cat in Korea keeps a soldier company

Retired war veteran, Pooli, earned three service ribbons and four battle stars,
while serving aboard an attack transport ship during World War II.

Soldier in Afghanistan rescues a cat

Soldier on patrol in Iraq carries a kitten in his belt


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