Cat Hybrids

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Have you ever thought about crossing a cat with other species of animals? Through the trickery (or is it magic?) of Photohop, all things are possible . . .

A Kitty-bird?

or is it a


or perhaps a



Whatever it is . . .

There's another one!


A Squirrelly-cat?


I give up on trying

to name this one!


Sea lion + cat = Sea kitty


And the baby of a Sea Kitty

must be a Sea Kitten

Whatever these cat "hybrids" might be called, there are a lot of other possibilities of hybrid species that might make interesting pets too . . .

An iguana and a mouse = igouse

zebra and a frog = zrog

corgi + owl = cowl

koala + elephant = koela

giraffe + turtle = girtle

bird + lizard = blizard :-)

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