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If you have an cellphone or a tablet, you have probably spent some time looking for apps.

While some apps are more on the practical side, others are just a bit of silly fun. One thing is for sure — each of the apps below are purrfect for the cat-lovers amongst us . . .

Friskies CatFishing 2

  • A classic fish app for cats.
  • This game has three levels with one, two and three fish at a time.
  • Free for iOS or Android

Friskies JitterBug

  • The idea is the same as in Cat Fishing 2.
  • All your kitty needs to do is to catch bugs during five 15-second rounds.
  • You can share the score on your Facebook and compete with other cat owners!
  • Free for iOS or Android

Pocket Pond 2

  • Thousands of different exotic kinds of koi are swimming across your tablet or phone like in a real pond.
  • With Pocket Pond 2 you can raise, breed, sell fish and decorate your own pond. And your cat will definitely be excited to play with it, too!
  • Free for iOS or Android


  • Your kitty will have some fun catching a mouse that runs across your tablet or smartphone screen and eats cheese.
  • Free for Android

Cat Clicker Training

  • The perfect app for clicker training cats for your iPhone or iPad!
  • When your pet touches its paw on the screen, your device produces the click sound.
  • You can choose between different colors of paws and background.
  • Free for iOS


  • Kitty! is a simple app that includes 8 different recordings of cats' meows that you can play to your cats at will.
  • Drives them nuts trying to figure out “where's that kitty?”
  • iOS

Talking Cat

  • When you launch the app your screen is filled with a green-eyed tabby that responds to your voice.
  • Singing into your iPhone creates an instant cat show of epic magnitude. Try using this app when someone calls you at home. Place them on “speaker” then hold up your Talking Cat iPhone app to pick up the sound of their voice. This app is an party favorite and a guaranteed ice breaker.
  • Cost: $0.99 for iOS

Opera Cats & Cat Chorus

  • These apps feature singing cats that provide entertainment with a built-in song list of tunes and children's favorites.
  • Both boast of an impressive and professional quality animation and sounds which also provide the ability to record, save and email.
  • Cost: $0.99 for iOS

Talking Tom Cat: / Talking Tom Cat 2

  • Tom is your pet cat, that responds to your touch and repeats everything you say with a funny voice.
  • You can pet him, poke him or grab his tail.
  • Record your own videos of Tom, save them to your library and send them as MMS, share them on YouTube & Facebook or send them by email.
  • Cost: $0.99 for iOS

Cat Alone - Cat Toy

  • There are 6 options to play around with — laser pointer, ladybug, finger, fly, butterfly, and cockroach.
  • Each of them is accompanied by a typical sound.
  • $0.99 for iOS or Android

Cat Paint

  • This is an app that lets you add cuteness—in feline form—to any photo on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  • You grab a photo, choose a kitten, and then tap to place it anywhere within the image.
  • CatPaint lets you save or email your masterpieces.
  • Works with any iPhone or iPod touch running iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.
  • Cost: $1 for iOS

Cat Playground

  • Train your cat to catch a mouse, a fish or a laser pointer.
  • The more it catches, the more points it earns.
  • $1.99 for Android


Tablets are better than phones for playing with cats

With the larger screen, your cat will be more engaged and responsive. It will be easier for the pet to move the paws across the device and catch mouse, fish, bug or dot.

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