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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world . . . and that included cancelling cat shows everywhere.

But you can't keep a good cat exhibitor down!

TICA (The International Cat Association) has instituted a series of "virtual" cat shows.

A virtual cat show allows you to enter your cat into a competition "virtually" by sending in photos or videos of your cat . . . and having your cat judged by licensed TICA judges or guest judges from other registries.

Shows are created by specific TICA Regions, but you can enter your cat into any show you would like regardless of your residency. You don't even have to have your cat TICA registered — or have a pedigreed cat to enter the show! All cats are welcome, pedigreed or not, registered or not, from TICA or any other cat registry.

Each TICA region has specific rules, classes, FAQs and entry information, so please see each region's page for more details on their show.

For more information:

The LondonCats Worldwide Virtual Shows

The LondonCats Worldwide (LCWW) are conducting once-a-month virtual cat shows until April 2021, after which they will honor awards to the top 25 cats in each class.

Let's look at The LondonCats Worldwide Virtual Show held in April 2020. Details of the show included:

  • Open to all associations from across the World
  • Three classes (kittens, adult/alter & non-pedigree)
  • 20 second video submission (or three photos)
  • 9 cash prizes
  • 4 judges
  • Top 10-20 FINALS from each judge, in each class, will be online at the close of the show.
  • A portion of the proceeds from EACH SHOW will go to a Coronavirus affected TICA European Club.

LCWW Virtual Show April 2020 - Best of the Best presented by Steven Meserve
Posted May 9, 2020 on YouTube

One Exhibitor's Thoughts

Anne-Louise Koehl breeds Exotic Shorthairs and Persians in Switzerland under the Gatti Calanda cattery name. Here are her impressions of a recent LCWW virtual show:

"I recently entered my first cats in the new TICA world of virtual cat shows. All I can say is, "What fun!"

The judges came from TICA, Fife, CFA and WGCG . . . so all round different judging techniques as well as an international judging panel. Every month there will be a show and all I do is make videos and take pictures and pay . . . I don’t have all the hassle of going and driving and all the grooming and stress . . . it is all gone."

Finally . . .

If you are missing your weekly cat show adventure, perhaps now might be the time to dip your toe into the pool of online cat shows. We are definitely living in the virtual world . . . Enjoy the best seat in the house, right from your own home.

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