Examples of My Work

Before you choose a website designer you should take a look at other websites they have created to see if you like their style. As a cat breeder, pay special attention to the quality of the photographs of the cats. Is the text well written? Are there coordinated pedigrees that are easy to read? Are the designs unusual without being cliché? Are the websites unique - or are they similar to a lot of other cattery websites you have seen?

My portfolio is divided into several categories for your convenience. You can scroll down this page or click on the underlined title to see a collection of my favorite website designs.

  • My Most Recent Design: For frequent visitors, I have placed my most recent design first so you can see the latest creation.
  • Cattery Websites: I specialize in cattery websites, each unique and custom designed.
  • Business Websites: I also lend my expertise to the creation of websites to promote business and commercial ventures.
  • Magazine-Style Websites: Ezines and information-oriented websites

You will also want to take a look at some of the special added touches I can do to enhance your cattery website and make it stand heads (and tails) above the crowd. These examples will each open in a new window. Just close the window to return to this page.

  • Banners : Your banner is like a calling card. It should be eye-catching to attract new visitors. Need a new banner? I can create one that compliments your website look.
  • Splash Pages : The splash page is the first page a visitor sees. It is the welcome mat to your website.
  • Custom Pedigrees : Your pedigrees should co-ordinate with your website design.
  • Photo Preparation : An untouched photo must be properly cropped, sized, sharpened and color corrected to look its best.
  • Photo Frames & Effects : There are countless options for how your photos can be framed and presented.
  • Cattery Ads : Whether you need an advertisement for the internet or for a print publication, I can create the perfect ad for your needs.

My Most Recent Design

Briar-Mar Manx

The Briar-Mar cattery of Omar Gonzalez and CFA judge Gary Veach have been breeding national-winning cats for decades. When I was approached to redesign their website, it was an honor to showcase their stunning Manx. An elegant color scheme of black and gold was selected as the starting point for this sophisticated design featuring "Manny", CFA's Cat of The Year for 2016.

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Cattery Websites

Some of these cattery websites are small. Some are large. All have been custom designed to the breeder's wishes.

Each site was custom designed and created to suit the tastes of the particular client. The style may or may not appeal to you, but you can evaluate the quality of the work, images and graphics, and the overall impact each site has.


A1 Savannahs

This unusual design features matching bookends of a Savannah cat's half face. The earth tones and borders are based on the design of a traditional African mud cloth.

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Abayomi Abyssinians

This modern and playful design begins with an unusual font featuring swirls on the letters - and finishes with a different pencil sketch of an Abyssinian at the bottom of each page.

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Ayuthaya Siamese

A background of Siam temples reflected in a calm lake was the jumping off point of this design.

Oriental fonts and purple accents finish off the look.

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Babbling Bengals

This website design features a Bengal kitten looking over its shoulder at an Asian Leopard Cat — both cats reflected on a polished black floor.

The color blocks of black and 3 shades of gray of the main design is mimicked in the style of the multi-layer menu.

Metallic gold lettering and page dividers complete the look perfectly.

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CherMa'Ki Siamese

Using an oriental theme beginning with the font and continuing with Asian unique images for every page, this design in gold, red, black and white creates a stunning backdrop to showcase the gorgeous CherMa'Ki Siamese.

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Dewisplear Maine Coons

Dewisplear Maine Coon kittens are named after characters in Ann Rice novels, so this design was created to reflect the charm and traditions of old New Orleans: Black, gold,

It features Mardi Gras masks, jazz trumpets, an antique parchment with ragged edges darkened by time . . . and an image of a national winning Maine Coon.

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Divinity Persians

With a cattery names Divinity it was natural that the design feature an angelic feline in a twinkling starry sky, complete with wings and a halo.

The stunning Persian model is GP, NW Divinity's Shimmer.


As butterflies play, a sleeping kitten dreams of his future in this elegant design in creams, white, blues and golds.


Eri-Kittens Persians

Three different photos of Persian cats have been added together to form the basis of this design. Strong reflections have been added to produce an elegant and unusual design.

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House of Magic Himalayans

Aladdin's lamp opens this website to a world of Persian magic ...

Jewells Persians

True to the cattery name "Jewells", this website is designed with a rope border of copper and diamonds set against a quilted black satin background. Amber heart-shaped gems and metallic gold lettering complete the theme perfectly. Add a spinkling of multi-colored jewells and this website is ready to showcase its beautiful kitties.

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Kebekat Ragdolls

This website features a striking design in blues and pinks with the cat's photos presented in a brushed on effect that beautifully showcases the stunning Ragdolls.

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Egyptian Maus

An Egyptian theme honoring the breed's country of origin was chosen for this design. The ancient parchment scroll is decorated with gold Hieroglyphics with tiny pyramid buttons for the menu.

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Mystimitts Persians
& Shetland Sheepdogs

Old-fashioned framed photographs with album corners, embroidered flowers and borders of eyelet lace create the vintage look for this design.

Sybil Persians

The colors of black, white and fuchsia were used to create a stunning website to showcase the Sybil Persians. White and purple daisies give an added touch to the design.

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Thaifong Siamese

This was a complete redesign of an existing website. The unusual menu is split with the titles sandwiched in between. The design includes an Asian inspired text style, silver bordered buttons and stars sprinkled around each cat's photo. Each photo also includes the cat's call name in the background. A star mouse trail on the opening page is repeated for the Past Stars.

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Russian Blues

This design features a Victorian look - but with a contemporary twist. Crisp white lace, pale pink roses and lavender opal are showcased against a palette of light and deep lilac textures. The two menus are set inn oval cameos with roses.

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Business Websites

While my specialty is designing cattery and animal-related websites, I also create websites for businesses. In today's commercial world, a website is a must. It is often the first impression your customer will have of your company.

Below are a few examples of business websites I have designed, each tailored to the clients professional needs.


Located in New York state, this business consultant was looking for a modern, clean design for their website.

The final design includes a creative use of photos and images which combine to add excitement to this business website.

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Hidden Meadows
RV Park & Campground


An RV park and campground in Minnesota needed a design that included their existing sign.

Striking autumn colors form the basis for this website's color palette.

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H W Drywall Contracting

The client owns a contracting firm specializing in drywall installation & finishing.


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The Quilt Maker

This website features a menu with a unique roll-over effect of "boxes" which mimics the squares of a quilt.

The elegant design continues throughout the site with a dissolve effect between pages, muted title colors and beautiful visuals.

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Veterinary Hospital

Designed to match their business card and logo, this website features an animated Dalmatian graphic.

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Online Magazines/Informational Websites

Designing a websites whose main purpose is to share large volumes of information presents a special challenge. These websites must be well organized and the navigation must be designed to make it as easy as possible for viewers to find the information they need.


An online magazine devoted to Persians & Exotics.

With over 2500 pages on this website, the design needed an intuitive navigations system that features submenus.

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A Collection of Searchable Pedigree Databases of many breeds of cats - a must visit for pedigreed cat buffs!

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National Siamese Cat Club

This stunning website belongs to the National Siamese Cat Club and is a treasure trove of information about the club and its chosen breed.

The design includes a large vertical button menu with sub-menus.

It includes a Gallery with photos of Siamese cats.

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ShowCatsOnline is a "sister" website to PandEcats.com. Their designs are similar, however their color schemes differ.

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