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Showing A Household Pet

One of most delightful features of the cat fancy is that almost all pedigreed shows have a division for the Household Pet. The Household Pet (HHP) category creates a venue for people to get started in showing cats without actually having to obtain a show quality purebred cat.

Which Cats Can Be Shown In HHP classes?

Almost any domestic cat can be shown in HHP.

How Old Does My Cat Have To Be?

A kitten must be at least 4 months old to compete. There is no maximum age. Senior citizens are welcome :-).

Must My Cat Be Neutered?

Kittens (4-8 months) may or may not be neutered or spayed. Almost all cat associations require that adult HHPs (cats over over 8 months) be altered.

Can I Show My Declawed Cat?

TICA and ACFA allow declawed cats to be shown. CFA does not permit declawed cats to be shown, even in HHP.

My Rescued Cat Had Her Leg Amputated? Can I Show Her In HHP?

TICA and CFA permits HHP cats with physical handicaps, such as three legs or one eye, to be shown. Other associations do not.

How Do I Know If I My Cat Will Like Showing?

You don’t. You want your cat to enjoy the experience — so you need to think about whether your favorite feline is reasonably willing to be handled by strangers. If your cat tends to be friendly, it will probably be fine. You cannot always be sure how your cat will react at its first show, however. Occasionally a sweet cat at home will become upset in the presence of other cats… and the opposite is also true. The stand-offish cat may love the show stage and become a happy and enthusiastic “performer”.

To prepare you kitty for its first show, have strangers handle it.

What is The Judge Looking For In HHP?

Judging of the HHP classes has no standards. Judging is based on personal preference. Generally the judge is looking for a beautiful cat in good condition — and a bit of star personality doesn’t hurt :-). If your HHP is purring and playing and putting on a show, it will capture the judge’s heart.

What Is Condition?

Condition refers to your cat’s general health and how it is reflected in its appearance. Condition is important. Your cat should appear full of good health. It should be neither too skinny nor too fat. A beautiful, shiny coat is a plus. And cleanliness counts too! The kitty should be freshly bathed, nails clipped, ears clean.

Can I Show My Purebred Cat in HHP?

In CFA, pedigreed cats with a disqualifying trait as listed in the standard for that particular breed are eligible for entry in the Household Pet Class. In other organizations purebreds are usually allowed in the HHP classes as long as they are not showing in the regular classes at the same show.

What Happens If My HHP Wins?

The HHP classes award ribbons and rosettes to its winners. In both CFA and TICA, cats in the HHP classes earn points towards various titles. The highest scoring HHPs for the show season are honored with regional and national titles.

So if you have a little kitty darling at home who you think would like to be a star, consider yourself invited to your nearest cat show!

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