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Recycling Rosettes

The first rosette your cat ever wins is pretty special :-). You bring it home… hang it on the wall… maybe even put it under glass. As you start winning more and more, you may find that the rosettes start to pile up a bit… maybe they even become dust-collectors. Have you even wondered if there is a better use for some of the rosettes you don’t treasure?

Recycling Rosettes to Other Cat Clubs

There are often clubs who wish to re-use rosettes. When you are at the cat show, ask a club member if they wish to have their rosettes donated back to them for the next show. It is a great way to help support the club. You can also collect all your old rosettes and donate them to other clubs such as:

  • Donate rosettes to a New Club 
  • Donate rosettes to a club that is struggling financially 
  • Collect rosettes for International CFA clubs

How to Recycle a Rosette

Recycling a rosette is relatively easy depending on the style. Most rosettes have printing on the middle streamer which include the club name, date, and the award. This streamer will need to be removed and replaced. For a club to reuse the rosette, all they need to do is order a center steamer. Sometimes the button on the center of the rosette will also need to be replaced if it has a club logo on it.

Donating Rosettes to Other Types of Clubs

You can also donate the rosettes to non-cat clubs:

  • Donate to a local school for use as awards 
  • Donate to 4-H 
  • Boys Club 
  • Girls Club 
  • Seniors Homes

Re-purposing of Rosettes

Just because a rosette is a rosette, that doesn’t mean it has to be used as an award.

  • Use the rosette as a bow on a present 
  • Create a Christmas ornament out of the ribbons 
  • Use the rosette in a craft project
  • Have the ribbons from the rosette made into a cushion cover.

During The Show

Now I will tell you about my absolute favorite re-use of rosettes… at the show!

When I know I am not going to keep rosettes, I wait until a child stops at my benching cage and admires my cat. Of course the child wants to touch the cat — something I don’t usually allow for the sake of the cat’s grooming, and sometimes the cat’s peace of mind. But if the child actually asks permission (as opposed to just grabbing), I always hand them a teaser to play with the cat in place of touching it. Then when they are finished, I tell them to pick one of the rosettes off my cage as a reward for being so thoughtful to ask permission and just not grab.

Without fail, the child is thrilled — and so am I. I get at least as much enjoyment from giving the rosette to a child as I do having my cat win it (maybe even more!).

Try it next time your cat is winning… I predict you will be hooked on “recycling” your rosettes too.

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