Baby Shampoo For Your Cat

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Baby shampoo is formulated so that it doesn't sting if it gets in the eyes in the way the average shampoo might. This is especially important when bathing the hair of a newborn baby.

Baby shampoo is usually also described as being "gentle". Since the product is intended for use with babies and young children, this is a smart marketing strategy.

The fact is, that baby shampoos often also work extremely well to remove excess grease from a cat's coat — not an effect we usually associate with the word "gentle".


Depending on how greasy your cat is, you may prefer to begin with the typical degreasing protocol using a Goop Soup on a dry coat to begin the cleansing process.

However, if Goop has not been enough to degrease the coat completely in previous baths, try following the Goop treatment with baby shampoo.

If the cat's coat is only slightly greasy and you don't want to use the Goop technique, wash the coat with baby shampoo alone. Baby shampoo is also handy for a quick spot cleaning such as under a greasy chin or on a cat with stud tail.

Brightening The Coat

Some exhibitors have found that baby shampoo also helps to brighten lighter coats, especially the dilutes colors of blue and cream. Baby shampoo seems to increase the paleness of the coat and reduce the dark tips that the coat of a dilute cat often develops with age.

Final Thought

Baby shampoo is just one more option to add to your grooming arsenal in the search for producing a perfectly groomed cat.

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