What Cats Do For Us

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It's Christmas time.

Perhaps this is the ideal season to take a step back and really take a look at what our cats do to enrich out lives every day of the year.

The joy they give to us is limitless.

They are work, of course.

There is the feeding, the scooping, picking hairs off your black dress . . .

But it is all insignificant compared to what they give in return. There are just so many things . . .

For instance . . .

  • Cats warm our laps.
  • Cats give us someone to talk to.
  • Cats help reduce high blood pressure.
  • Cats bring the winter air inside, nestled in their coats.
  • Cats create a kindred feeling with other "cat people".
  • Cats turn common household objects like bottle caps into toys.
  • Cats make us more aware of birds.
  • Cats donate their services as alarm clocks .
  • Cats display daring acrobatic feats right in front of our eyes .
  • Cats contribute to living a longer life .
  • Cats make a window sill more beautiful.
  • Cats keep mice on the run.
  • Cats make us smile.
  • Cats inspire poets and playwrights.
  • Cats teach us how to land on our feet.
  • Cats let us indulge our desires to really spoil someone.
  • Cats make our homes warmer.
  • Cats remind us that life is mysterious.
  • Cats share with us the all-is-well experience of purring.
  • Cats instruct us in the luxurious art of stretching.
  • Cats show us how to lick our wounds and go on.
  • Cats give us cool cartoon characters.
  • Cats make even an old worn couch look beautiful.
  • Cats open our hearts.


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