Christmas Gifts For The Cat Lover

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A cat has nine lives,
so its only fair that you have nine ideas for Christmas gifts

for the cat lover in your life . . .

  1. Catmas Tree: Give a miniature Christmas tree decorated completely in feline-theme ornaments.

  2. Yummy, Yummy: Give homemade cookies cut in the shape of a cat.

  3. Kitten Sittin': Do you have a friend with a cat or two (Who doesn't?). Offer to cat-sit for a weekend while your friend goes home for the holiday.

  4. Christmas Coupons: Make a booklet of coupons offering different cat "services": scooping, mopping floors, cleaning cages, picking up supplies...

  5. I Was Framed! Give a photo to your friend of their cat framed in silver or gold.

  6. Good grooming: Offer to bath, blow dry, trim nails and generally give a friend's cat the full spa treatment.

  7. Visit-a-Vet: Know someone on a fixed income? How about offering to take their cat for its annual checkup and vaccinations?

  8. Stocking For Socks: Socks may no longer be in the White House but I know he would agree that every cat deserves its own stocking filled with cat treats. Give your "real" best friend a Christmas Stocking.

  9. Fowl Treats: How about chicken or turkey tidbits (no bones) for you favorite festive feline?

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