Cats In Christmas Attire

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Most cats do not like dressing up . . . or perhaps to be accurate I should say that most cats do not like being dressed up.

It is we humans who like to put our kitties in costume . . . and because our cats truly love us, they go along with wearing holiday-themed ensembles . . . at least long enough to have a photo taken.

Please enjoy this glimpse into kitty Santas, feline elves and other assorted cats in Christmas attire . . .

Ho, Ho, Ho . . .

I am not amused . . .

An elegant elf

I have the complete look . . .

I wear my Santa hat farther back on my head so my ears can "breathe".

My shirt says it all . . .

I love eating ribbon . . . but it is not good for me!

Photo by Babbling Bengals

My grandma made me this hat . . .

Did Rudolph really wear a bow-tie?
Photo by Pampered Whiskers

We are here to spread Christmas cheer . . .

I wear my hat with a sense of style and panache!

I even sleep in my Santa hat!

How do you like the beard?

Is this too much?

I think I look like a dork!

Even in this get-up, I can retain my dignity . . .

I am not putting those antlers on for anyone . . . not even for Santa.

This is the avant garde style of wearing a Santa hat — put it on your butt!


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