Pumpkin Kitties

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Thinking of carving a pumpkin for Halloween? How about creating your own pumpkin kitty? You can even carve the face of your favorite cat breed!

Better Homes and Gardens has an online offer that allows you to download a stencil of various cat breeds. You can use the stencil of your choice to help create a personalized (catalized?) jack-o-lantern to enhance your Halloween decor.

Below are examples of the cat breed stencils that are available for free download . . .

Use a photocopier to enlarge or reduce the pattern to fit the pumpkin. Follow the carving and etching directions listed on the pattern.

To download the cat pumpkin stencil of your choice CLICK HERE!

Abyssinian Cat Pumpkin

American Curl Cat Pumpkin

American Shorthair Cat Pumpkin

Bengal Cat Pumpkin

British Blue Cat Pumpkin

Birman Cat Pumpkin

Main Coon Pumpkin

Norwegian Forest Cat Pumpkin

Oriental Cat Pumpkin

Persian Cat Pumpkin

Scottish Fold Cat Pumpkin

Ragdoll Cat Pumpkin

Sphynx Cat Pumpkin

Siamese Cat Pumpkin

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