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  • Jane Burton, Animal Photographer
    PandEcats.com is honored to feature a Jane Burton photo of an Exotic Shorthair kitten and a baby rabbit as the title image on the homepage of our Easter 2014 issue. Jane Burton is the British professional photographer who originated the idea of photographing color-coordinated animals of different species cats, dogs, rabbits, ducks, chickens, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, foxes, squirrels and more. This is her story . . .
    April 2014

  • Japanese Bobtail Color Class Changes in CFA 2006
    Changes to the Japanese Bobtail color classes in CFA.
    May 2006

  • Japanese Bobtail DMs
    Japanese Bobtails who have earned the breeding title of Distinguished Merit
    May 2005

  • Japanese Bobtail Grands of Distinction in CFA
    The first Japanese Bobtail to earn the CFA Grand of Dinstinction title was GPD, RW, AC Ticketyboo Katsudo, a Mi-Ke Shorthair spay, bred by Rosina & Jim McGlynn and owned by Lorraine & Hugh Prior.
    May 2017

  • Japanese Bobtail Longhair Breed Winners In CFA
    Enjoy a list of each show seasons winningest Japanese Bobtails in the longhair division in CFA ...
    November 2009

  • Japanese Bobtail National Winners
    The winningest Japanese Bobtails in CFA History
    February 2004

  • Japanese Bobtail, Shorthair Division Breed Winners in CFA
    A complete list of the shorthair Japanese Bobtails who have earned the prestigious title of Breed Winner in CFA.
    December 2007

  • Javanese Breed Winners In CFA
    Look back on the winningest Javanese in CFA - each year's Breed Winners!
    February 2009

  • Javanese DMs
    Javanese who have earned the breeding title of Distinguished Merit
    August 2006

  • Javanese National Winners
    The winningest Javanese in CFA History
    March 2005

  • Jeanie
    CFA has lost a Grande Dame with the passing of longtime judge, Jeanie McPhee.
    April 2004

  • Jennifer Cullings, Artist
    Jennifer Cullings enjoys painting all types of animals and wildlife, but especially cats and dogs. Working primarily in watercolor pencils, her art captures the spirit and individual attitude of her subjects. Learn more about this talented artist . . .
    December 2014

  • Jodell, Ed and Bear`s Excellent Adventure
    Jodell and Bear head out for their first `away` cat show with hubby, Ed, along for the trip.
    December 2003

  • Judge and Be Judged
    Since our cats have a written standard of perfection, should our cat judges have one too?
    August 2002

  • *Judges Who Mishandle
    Even though it may be rare, mishandling of cats in the show ring must be taken seriously.
    October 2019

  • *Judging Your Kitten
    Being able to predict how a kitten will develop as it grows to adulthood is a skill that is an essential part of how a breeder develops their breeding program.
    June 2010

  • June is Adopt-A-Cat Month
    Let's not forget about the many unwanted cats and kittens during the month of June ...
    June 2010

  • Junior Showmanship from the Show Club`s POV

    September 2001

  • Just One Litter
    When she receives a letter from a pet owner requesting stud service for 'just one litter', Kathy Durdick of Ristokat Himalayans realizes she can turn her reply into a teachable moment.
    August 2021


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