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  • *I Don`t Do Windows (Mom-Cat Won't Lick Her Kittens' Bottoms)
    Occasionally, the new mother cat will not lick her kittens' bottoms — a behavior needed to stimulate her kittens to urinate and defecate, and a necessary duty to keep the birthing box clean. Learn how you can teach the new mother to perform this "chore" for her babies . . .
    February 2017

  • I Love Ring Stewards Who...
    The Ring Steward is an important, although mainly unsung, individual who contributes to the smooth running of the judging ring.
    January 2016

  • *I Love Vinyl Coated Wire Shelving: Part 1
    While other people install wire shelving in closets, a cat breeder can use it to construct kitten gates and window screen protectors.
    June 2022

  • *I Love Vinyl-Coated Wire Shelving: Part 2
    Detailed instructions on how to use inexpensive wire shelving to build a handy kitten pen and a complete indoor/outdoor enclosure.
    June 2022

  • I Resolve To Be a Better Cat Show Exhibitor
    In the spirit of making every minute count and enjoying life to the fullest, this year, I resolve to be a better cat show exhibitor.
    January 2016

  • I Want To Quit
    Thoughts from an experienced animal rescuer
    November 2019

  • *Iams Hairball Care Formula
    Does your cat have intermittent or chronic diarrhea that does not respond to conventional treatment? Iams Hairball Care Dry Cat Food has proven useful in this situation.
    September 2019

  • *ICE: In Case of Emergency
    Do you have an 'In Case of Emergency' plan in place that protects and cares for your cats if something should happen to you on the way to a show? While at home? This article shows you exactly what you need to do
    May 2017

  • *Identifying Parasites Under A Microscope
    Learn how to identify parasites that can infest your cat so that you can check your cats for problems yourself.
    November 2010

  • *Identifying The Kittens In A Litter
    The main reason for identifying newborn kittens is to be able to weigh track their gains and losses regularly. Monitoring a kitten's weight is an excellent way of troubleshooting the health and progress of your new babies. 
    June 2015

  • *Identifying Your Cat: From Nail Polish to Microchip
    The main reason for identifying kittens at an early age is to be able to weigh them and track their weights regularly. Monitoring weight gains and losses is an excellent way of troubleshooting the health and progress of your new babies.
    September 2021

  • *If A Cat Is Allergic To A Vaccine
    Once a cat has had a bad reaction to a vaccine, you must take special precautions when you need to revaccinate in the future. This article will teach you how to keep your sensitive kitty safe.
    March 2017

  • Ikea Cat Bed
    For just about $20 you can give your cat its own miniature bed to lounge upon . . .
    October 2020

  • *Imaverol
    Imaverol Fungicidal Wash controls ringworm & other fungal skin infections (dermatomycosis) in horses & dogs. It is used off-label for cats. Learn how you can use Imaverol as part of your anti-ringworm regime...
    May 2010

  • Immunize or Titre?
    It may be of greater benefit to your adult cats health to titer rather than routinely give booster vaccinations.
    February 2022

  • *Imprinting In Kittens: The First Seven Weeks
    The smart cat breeder can teach their kitten life skills and bring out the best in its personality by taking advantage of a kitten's "imprinting" time -- the first seven weeks in a kitten's life.
    June 2021

  • In Memory of Tony Chan: Unforgettable
    Tony Chan of Gogocats cattery was a driving forcebehind the establishment of the cat fancy in Hong Kong and China. He will be missed...
    February 2008

  • In Praise of Breeder Quality Cats
    While we all strive for show quality cats, the humble breeder quality cat can also be a valuable part of your program.
    December 2020

  • In Search of Cats, Part 1
    Cats have been held in esteem throughout most of recorded time. Author Christopher Brock reviews collections of art and information about cats around the world.
    October 2004

  • In Search Of Cats, Part II
    Cats have been held in esteem throughout most of recorded time. Enjoy this review of the collections of art and information about cats that are available around the world.
    October 2004

  • In Search Of The Natural Groomer
    Tips for finding the right professional groomer for your cat....
    June 2009

  • *Inbreeding Coefficient: What Is It?
    Do you know what an Inbreeding Coefficient (IC) or Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) really means? What is it exactly? How do you use it in your breeding program? This is the first article in a three-part series that will answer these questions and more...
    January 2012

  • *Inbreeding Coefficients Part 2: Calculate Your Cats ICs
    This is the second article in a three-part series about Inbreeding Coefficients (ICs). In this article we discuss how to determine the ICs for your own breeding program, with emphasis on how to decide how many generations to go back in a pedigree when making your calculations...
    February 2012

  • *Inbreeding Coefficients Part 3: Applying ICs To Your Breeding Program
    This is the third article in a three-part series about Inbreeding Coefficients (ICs). In this article we discuss how to determine the ICs for your cats, and how to use them to help you determine the mating pairs in own breeding program...
    February 2012

  • *Inbreeding For The Cat Breeder
    Do you know what is meant by inbreeding? Do you know the positive aspects of inbreeding cats? The dangers? Should you plan an inbred litter? How do you choose the cat on which to inbreed? Learn the answers to these questions and more...
    February 2013

  • *Inbreeding Of Cats In Nature
    While many animal behaviors in nature have evolved to avoid inbreeding, there are examples in the big cat populations of Africa that shows that inbreeding does frequently take place in the wild cats. What can domestic cat breeders learn from studying these cats?
    January 2022

  • Inbreeding: A Personal Point of View
    A breeder of Japanese Bobtails shares her experience with balanceing inbreeding and outcrossing to benefit her breeding program.
    September 2019

  • *Increasing A Cat's Water Intake
    Dehydration is a serious condition and must not be ignored. If your cat is not drinking enough water, there are simple steps you can take to increase its water comsumption...
    July 2021

  • *Increasing Entries For Your Cat Show
    Here are some ideas for increasing the entries for your cat club's next show....
    January 2019

  • Inexpensive Cat Toys
    What do you have lying around your house that might make a great toy for your favorite feline?
    January 2021

  • *Inflammatory Bowel Disease In Cats
    Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is not a single disease but is a syndrome characterized by gastrointestinal disorders caused by the body's reaction to chronic irritation when inflammatory cells invade the wall of the stomach and/or intestines.
    September 2014

  • Information About Vaccines That Can Save Your Cat`s Life!
    The benefits of vaccinating your cat are undeniable - but you must also take steps to reduce the possibility of the risk of a vaccinated associated sarcoma.
    July 2004

  • Information on the Internet: How Much Can It Be Trusted?
    A cat breeder needs to be well-educated and informed about all the health and husbandry issues involved with owning and maintaining a cattery. With so much information available on the internet, how do you know if the advice you find is the right information for YOUR cats?
    January 2017

  • *Infusium 23
    Great hair products to make your cat`s coat full, silky and shiny.
    October 2019

  • *Ingrown Toenail
    If the trimming of a cat's claws is neglected, the result can be a painful ingrown toenail. This article includes a series of photos showing just what can happen if you fail to cut a kitty's nails.
    March 2016

  • *Inhibitor Gene
    The inhibitor gene is responsible for the Silvers, Shaded, Smokes and the Silver Tabbies of the cat world. This article gives a general overview of the gene's action that produces these lovely colors...
    September 2019

  • *Instinct Chain of Motherhood
    Are you interfering with the natural mothering instincts of your queen? Emma Hjälmås of CyberCats Persians shares her thoughts about how much or how little you should be helping your queen when she is delivering her kittens.
    May 2015

  • Interesting Cat Facts
    Cats purr at about 26 cycles per second, the same frequency as an idling diesel engine.
    July 2006

  • Interesting Differences Between Cats & Dogs
    While cats meow and dogs bark, there are more interesting differences between our favorite pets than just the noise they make . . .
    October 2014

  • *Interferon
    The use of interferon in veterinary medicine is expanding as a treatment for FeLv, FIP, FIV and more...
    November 2019

  • *Internal Organs of the Cat
    It is helpful for the serious breeder to have a basic knowledge of the placement and relative positioning of the major organs of the cat.
    December 2019

  • International 2004 - A Personal View
    A breeder shares her own experiences at the International.
    November 2004

  • Internet & The Cat Fancy in 2007
    The internet has changed the way the entire world lives. How has it affected the Cat Fancy?
    February 2007

  • *Interrupted Labor
    How long should it take a female cat to delivery her kittens? It varies. Some cats experience an "interrupted labor" in which they deliver part of a litter before resting for a considerable time before delivering the next kitten. Learn what to do when a queen stops her labor but obviously has kittens still to come.
    September 2020

  • *Intranasal Vaccines For Cats
    Intranasal vaccines are available to protect against serious Feline Herpesvirus-1 and Calicivirus infections. These vaccines do not prevent the disease but are intended to reduce the severity of the illness if the cat does become infected . . .
    January 2015

  • *Introducing The Cat To The Dog & Vice Versa
    Whether you already have a dog and are considering getting a kitten or have a cat and are adding a puppy to the family, the first step in creating a harmonious "blended family" is properly introducing feline and canine. Learn the steps to take to help your cat and dog get along well together . . .
    April 2016

  • *Introducing The Stud Cat To The Queen
    Introducing a stud cat to a new female is a relatively easy process, however because there are occasions when there may be a conflict of personalities between the two "soon-to-be-lovers", all introductions should be supervised . . .
    February 2022

  • iPad and Android Games For Cats
    Friskies® cat food has launched three new free online games especially for your cat! Read on to learn more...
    June 2011

  • *Is My Queen Pregnant?
    There are several different methods of determining whether a cat is pregnant depending on how long it has been since she was bred. Learn the best and most accurate ways to tell if your queen is expecting kittens . . .
    September 2021

  • Is Your Cattery Healthy?
    Maintaining a healthy cattery can be challenge -- and it is not always easy to know whether the occasional medical issue is normal, or if there is a major problem brewing. Learn more by taking a short quiz that asks the question, "Is my cattery healthy?".
    January 2021

  • It`s Not Whether You Win Or Lose
    Is winning at all costs acceptable in the cat fancy? Let`s look at some of the campaign tricks that were pulled during the 2005-2006 show season.
    May 2006

  • *Itchy Skin Problems
    Perhaps one of the most frustrating problems a cat owner can be faced with is the cat that scratches for no apparent reason...
    October 2019

  • Ivermectin Dosing
    Lorraine Shelton of Featherland shares the latest dosing information for the use of Ivermectin to treat ear mites, body mites and roundworms.
    July 2004

  • GC GPD, NW Ivy Cat Quarterback
    On July 6, 2013, CFA history was made by a brown tabby and white Exotic Shorthair neuter named GC, GPD, NW Ivy Cat Quarterback. Owned by Jan Chambers and bred by Pam DeGolyer, "QB" became the first cat to earn the new CFA title, Grand Of Distinction. This is his story . . .
    August 2013


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