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  • Facebook For Catteries
    Facebook can be a fun place to show off your cats and highlight their show accomplishments. Mollie shares her ideas for creating a Facebook page for your cattery . . .
    August 2013

  • Facebook Tips For Cat Fanciers
    With over a billion users, there is no denying Facebook is a massive online presence. There are many ways that a smart cat fancier can use Facebook to promote their cattery, their breed, their cat club and their organization . . .
    August 2013

  • Fading Kitten - A Case History
    A breeder shares her experience with Fading Kitten Syndrome.
    March 2022

  • *Fading Kitten Clindamycin Protocol
    The use of Clindamycin is just one more weapon the concerned breeder has in their toolbox to reduce the occurrence of fading kittens due to G strep infections in a cattery.
    July 2020

  • *Fading Kitten Syndrome
    Stop losing newborns! One of the most disheartening things that a cat breeder can experience is the seemingly senseless deaths of newborn kittens who blindly cry and struggle to live while nothing we or our vets do can save them. Now there is an antibiotic that can save their lives.
    April 2020

  • *Failure To Thrive Kittens
    Occasionally, a healthy-seeming kitten will not grow as expected, falling behind in size compared to the other kittens of its litter. This type of kitten is often labeled as "Failure To Thrive".
    June 2019

  • *Falling From High Places
    Cats seem to have an uncanny ability to survive falls from high places.
    November 2002

  • *False Pregnancy
    Thinking your cat is pregnant only to discover she is instead experiencing a false pregnancy is disappointing, but not necessarily a tragedy.
    December 2016

  • *Famciclovir
    Famciclovir is currently thought to be the most effective and safest medication for the treatment of a Feline Herpesvirus-1 breakout, especially in a cattery situation. Learn the proper dosage and dosing protocol for this once-a-day medication . . .
    January 2015

  • Family Affair
    This is the story of a new breeder, a first grand, the birth of a baby and how cat showing can be a family affair...
    May 2005

  • *Fancy Friends
    In the cat fancy, what is a true friend?
    July 2019

  • Fancy Meeting You Here
    A new breeder shares how she came to enter the cat fancy...
    October 2004

  • Farewell Peter
    The cat fancy has lost Peter Romich of Grandaries Exotics who passed away last Sunday.
    January 2003

  • *FCK: Part One - An Overview
    This is part one in an article about Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome
    April 2006

  • *FCK: Part Two - Treatment Options
    Part Two about Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome discusses treatment options in detail.
    April 2006

  • FDA Warning
    The Food and Drug Administration is warning veterinarians and pet owners, particularly cat owners, of the possible risk of fractures with the Vet Jet^(TM) transdermal vaccination system device.
    September 2011

  • Fear Of The Bath
    Have you ever encountered a full-grown adult cat that becomes hysterical near water and fights tooth and nail to avoid a bath? Learn this simply technique of behavior modification that will help the kitty make friends with water....
    June 2019

  • *Fecal Float Test
    You can easily learn how to do a fecal float - testing your cat's stool for common parasites.
    November 2010

  • Feeding Chart For Hand Raising A Kitten
    This article features a handy chart that shows the amount to give when tube feeding or bottle feeding a kitten.
    May 2022

  • *Feline Calici Virus - FCV
    Calici is also called the `Limping Kitten` virus since this is the most dramatic symptom of this common upper respiratory virus. Our article discusses the disease, its symptoms, prevention, treatment and choice of vaccines against it.
    September 2017

  • *Feline Cardiomyopathy
    When diagnosed and treated early, there are many successful options for cats with heart disease. Learn the symptoms and treatments available.
    July 2019

  • *Feline Herpesvirus In Cats
    Feline Herpesvirus is the most severe of the common upper respiratory viruses. Understanding how to combat this virus is an essential tool in every cattery`s management practices.
    January 2021

  • *Feline Herpesvirus-1 Carrier Cats
    Once your cattery has experienced a feline herpesvirus infection, virtually all of the infected cats will now be carriers of the virus. A "carrier" cat represents a possible future source of the infection because it can have a relapse and begin shedding the virus at any time. Learn more . . .
    January 2015

  • Feline Herpesvirus-1 New Treatment
    A new medicine, oral famciclovir was used to treat signs of FHV-1 in 10 cats: The results are encouraging that this treatment may be better than current protocols...
    July 2009

  • Feline Husbandry Book Available Online Free
    Chapters of Dr. Neils Pedersen`s book on Feline Husbandry are now available on the UC Davis website.
    August 2006

  • Feline I.Q.
    A Korat breeder lists just a few of the behaviors that demonstrate her cats` clear intellectual superiority.
    July 2019

  • *Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions
    A cats doesn't develop cavities in same way that a person does... but when it does get a toothache, it's a bad one!
    September 2019

  • *Feline Panleukopenia
    Panleukopenia, often called feline distemper, is a highly contagious disease caused by a parvovirus (FPV) that is closely related to canine parvovirus in dogs. This article details everything you need to know about this potentially lethal infection.
    February 2016

  • *Feline Rebound
    This product is specially formulated for the cat who is not eating or drinking properly.
    November 2018

  • Feline Virus Studied To Understand Drug Resistance
    Researchers will be studing cat virus in order to better understand why some animals become resistent to certain drugs.
    November 2007

  • *Feliway
    Feliway is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone that can be effective in reducing a cat's stress level and changing unwanted behavior such as spraying and scratching ...
    August 2019

  • FeLV: The Forgotten Killer
    As we swap kittens and breedings, we often worry about ringworm, intestinal parasites, and upper respiratory viruses. But how often do we remember the silent, but oh so deadly, Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV)?
    February 2011

  • *Female Infertility Part One: Evaluation
    Infertility is the inability to conceive or to carry a pregnancy to term. Failure of a female cat to produce kittens can arise at any stage of the reproductive process.
    July 2019

  • *Female Infertility: Part Two Causes & Treatments
    Learn the main causes of female infertility in the cat and suggest treatments
    July 2019

  • *Femoral Head Fractures In Cats
    The top of the femur bone in the hind leg of a cat forms the ball of the hip joint. In kittens,the head of the bone has a growth plate. This growth plate is susceptible to developing fractures or breaks, especially in large breed kittens. Learn more about how you can minimize the risk of your kitten suffering such a fracture . . .
    March 2015

  • *Fenbendazole
    Under the brand name Panacur, Fenbendazole is a widely used medication against Giardia in cats.
    January 2007

  • *Fever Coat
    Something cat breeders see on from time to time, especially on black kittens, is an unusual hair color change called 'Fever Coat'. What is it? Why does it happen? What can you do to change it? Learn the answers to these questions and more . . .
    October 2017

  • *Fibrosarcomas
    A Fibrosarcoma is a relatively rare but aggressive type of cancerous tumor. Learn what to look for and what to do about it.
    October 2002

  • FIFE & IDP Titles Explained
    Understand the difference between the titles awarded in FIFE and the IDP...
    August 2004

  • FIFE Show Awards
    Understanding the titles in FIFE...
    April 2006

  • Filling Out a CFA Entry Form for a Cat Show
    Are you planning on entering your first cat show? Or maybe you are mentoring a newbie with their first show baby. Here`s the information you need to fill out an entry form correctly.
    June 2002

  • *Finding Your First Show Cat
    When getting started in the cat fancy, the first steps will involve purchasing foundation stock for one`s breeding and showing program. This is the best advice a newcomer to the cat fancy will ever receive concerning how to buy a first show cat!
    March 2019

  • *Fine-Tuning The Show Bath
    Learn the various ways of "tweaking" your cat's show bath to produce the finest results possible....
    November 2009

  • *FIP Diagnostic Guidelines 2022
    The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and Every Cat Health Foundation have released the 2022 Guidelines for Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) Diagnosis.
    September 2022

  • *FIP Outbreak
    Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is one of the most misunderstood diseases in veterinary medicine. Despite its name, FIP is NOT contagious, yet occasionally, a cattery or shelter will experience an outbreak of FIP. This article discusses how and why this happens and how to deal effectively with the problem should it happen to you...
    November 2010

  • *FIP Treatment Using Injectable GS-441524
    Although not approved or licensed, the antiviral drug called GS-441524 has been shown to cure cats of FIP in increasing numbers. Learn more about this game-changing injectable treatment for Feline Infectious Peritonitis.
    March 2021

  • *FIP Treatment Using Oral GS-441524
    An oral form of the injectable antiviral GS-441524 is gaining in popularity for the treatment of Feline Infection Peritonitis in cats.
    March 2021

  • *FIP: Fact and Fiction
    If there is a single health issue that most frightens the cat breeder, it is a diagnosis of FIP, Feline Infectious Peritonitis. While we don`t know as much about this fatal disease as we would like to know, there are also several myths about the disease t
    December 2001

  • *FIP: Feline Infectious Peritonitis
    Feline Infectious Peritonitis or FIP is one of the least understood and most frustrating diseases to diagnose in feline medicine. This article will help dispel some of the confusion that surrounds this fatal disease....
    August 2009

  • *First Aid Kit
    Having a well-stocked first aid kit for your cats is as important as having one for yourself. An emergency can occur at any moment and it is always better if you are prepared to handle it. Here is a list of basics that should be included in your cat's first aid kit.
    June 2011

  • *First Aid Procedures
    Since you never know when there might be an emergency, spending a few minutes to learn basic first aid procedures is a good idea -- and it may just save your cat's life.
    June 2011

  • First Bath
    Every new cat owner has to face that dreaded first bath of their new feline.
    November 2003

  • First Cat, Second Cat
    One of the first challenges for newbies entering the cat fancy is finding their first cat. Share one breeder`s positive experience about how she found her first show baby... and her second... and...
    June 2002

  • First CFA Show in China
    The first CFA show in mainland China took place in Beijing on March 6-7, 2004.
    March 2004

  • First Goodbye
    Adia bids goodbye to the first kitten from her first litter...
    August 2004

  • First Person Cat
    First Person Cat, by Jacque Heebner, is a crime story about an intuitive tortoiseshell Persian who uses her feline abilities to solve the murder of her owner and prevent the killer from committing a second crime.
    November 2010

  • First Show
    Jodell (the newbie) and her cat, Bear, go to their first show...
    November 2003

  • First Time National Winning Owners
    Three members of our sister ezine, PandEcats.com, have campaigned cats to the coveted National Winner title for the first time!
    May 2002

  • *First Twelve Weeks
    The first 12 weeks of a kitten`s life are the most critical in it development.
    April 2007

  • My First Siamese Grand
    An exhibitor shares her experience granding her first cat, and how much the support and encouragement of others means to a `newbie`.
    June 2007

  • *Fish Amoxi For Cats
    A visit to your local pet store may hold the answer to an inexpensive, prescription-free source of amoxicillin for your cat.
    February 2004

  • *Flagyl
    Flagyl ( Metronidazole) is a useful antibiotic against a wide range of conditions including Giardia, diarrhea and some upper respiratory infections.
    November 2004

  • *Fleas On A Nursing Queen & Her Kittens
    What should you do if you notice fleas on a mother cat and her kittens? What can you use to kill the fleas - but not hurt the queen and nursing kittens?
    July 2018

  • *Flehmen Response In Cats
    Cats have a variety of interesting behaviors in their repertoire. One if the most unusual and amusing is called the Flehmen Response
    September 2018

  • *Float The Coat
    You may have done a wonderful job shampooing your cat . . . but a poor job of rinsing the coat can make all your efforts pointless if there is any soap left behind. Learn how to "Float the Coat" to make sure no residue is left behind when bathing your kitty.
    April 2021

  • *Flooring For Cats
    Choosing the right flooring can make a huge difference in the look and cleanability of your cattery. Learn how to make a wise choice...
    April 2022

  • *Fluconazole / Diflucan
    Fluconazole is an antifungal drug that is effective against both yeast and fugal infections, including ringworm. It has fewer side effects than most other antifungals. Learn more . . .
    June 2014

  • *Fluff-Out
    Looking for a product to add volume to your cat`s coat? To keep the hair in place? To eliminate static? To add shine? You want Fluff-Out!
    April 2020

  • *Fluid Replacement Solutions
    One of the essential techniques a cat breeder should be aware of is the use of subcutaneous fluid therapy to provide supportive care to a dehydrated feline.
    October 2004

  • Flurbiprofen Warning
    Several cats owned by people who used a topical cream containing Flurbiprofen have died. Flurbiprofen cream is used to reduce pain associated with arthritis or injury. Learn more . . .
    May 2015

  • *FLUTD - Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder
    Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder or FLUTD is a general name for a wide variety of possible urinary tract problems. Understanding this common urinary disorder is important for any cat breeder.
    October 2007

  • Foldex/CH Katrina-Cat Bonaparte
    The Foldex is a new breed recognized by the Canadian Cat Association. Learn more about this charming breed that is the feline version of a teddy bear . . .
    April 2013

  • Food For Thought
    Treat other persons as you know they should be treated, and as you wish them to fairly treat you.
    April 2005

  • *Foods That Are A Feline No-No
    Many of the foods in your own kitchen are a danger to your cat, causing everything from a mildly upset tummy to possible fatal conditions.
    November 2021

  • *Force Feeding A Cat
    If your cat stops eating for more than 48 hours, it is imperative that it receive nutrition or risk developing liver disease. Learning some simple techniques of force feeding a kitty may save it from developing a serious health problem.
    May 2020

  • *FortiFlora Feline Nutritional Supplement
    FortiFlora is a probiotic nutritional supplement developed for cats. It has proven most effective in stimulating appetite in poor eaters and helping to treat cats with diarrhea.
    April 2016

  • *Four Stages Of Estrus
    As the breeding season starts to gain momentum, the time is ideal to review the four stages of estrus...
    April 2020

  • Free DNA Blood Type Testing for Ragdolls
    Ragdoll owners are invited to submit blood samples to UC Davis and will receive free blood typing of their cats.
    August 2007

  • Freebies
    Free food, litter, coupons and more designed to save you and your kitty money!
    June 2005

  • Frequent Flyer Miles For Pets
    Travel with your cat and receive Frequent Flyer Miles!
    February 2005

  • Froggie Toe Caper
    Tiger transforms into his alter-ego, Purr-lock Holmes, to solve the problem of a missing digit from a green amphibian. It's the Froggie Toe Caper . . .
    May 2013

  • From Humble Barn Cat To CFA's Newest Championship Breed

    February 2008

  • *Front Load Dosing
    "Front Load Dosing" is a medicating protocol that is used at the beginning of a course of drug administration that can be used to jump-start the effectiveness of the medicine prescribed ...
    October 2015

  • *Fucithalmic Vet Eye Drops/Gel
    This slow release, antibiotic eye drop/gel is receiving raves from many cat owners who have battled infections unsuccessfully with other products. Learn more about this eye medication.
    March 2013

  • *Fuller`s Earth For Grooming A Cat's Coat
    Fuller`s Earth can be used to help remove excess grease from coats, to dry a wet coat or to add fullness and body to the coat. Learn the best ways to use this excellent product.
    May 2020

  • Function Of The Cat Breeder
    What is the function of the cat breeder? Although each person must define their purpose as a cat breeder individually, there are probably some goals and purposes with which most people would agree ...
    November 2020


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