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  • *Abscess & a Chemical Burn
    Using natural herbs like golden seal and aloe vera, you can help your cat quickly heal following an abscess or a chemical burn.
    March 2001

  • *Abscess On The Chin: A Medical Case History
    Follow the development and treatment of an abscess on the chin of a rescued cat...
    January 2016

  • *Abscesses In Cats
    An abscess is an accumulations of pus that usually forms at the site of a puncture wound. In cats, an abscess often results from a cat bite. Learn the best home treatment for an abscess.
    January 2021

  • Abyssinian Breed Winners in CFA
    These are the top winning Abyssinians in CFA!
    November 2008

  • Abyssinian DMs
    Abyssinians who have earned the breeding title of Distinguished Merit
    April 2005

  • Abyssinian Grands of Distinction in CFA
    In 2011, CFA instituted a brand new title — the Grand of Distinction. The only Abyssinian to earn this prestigious new title to date is GPD, RW Red Ferne Blue Mystic of Spricey, a Blue Abyssinian Neuter, bred by Lisa Kaelin, and owned and shown by Sharon Demuth.
    February 2017

  • Abyssinian National Winners
    The winningest Abyssinians in CFA History
    January 2004

  • ACFA
    Articles listing the top winners in ACFA each year.

  • ACFA Inter-American Awards 2016
    We are happy to present the top cats for 2015-2016 in ACFA, the American Cat Fanciers Federation.
    August 2016

  • ACFA's Top Inter-American Winners 2014-15
    ShowCatsOnline.com is happy to present the top cats for 2014-2015 in ACFA, the American Cat Fanciers Federation.
    September 2015

  • *Acidophilus
    Acidophilus is a useful supplement to give to a cat with a digestive upset or when a feline is taking antibiotics.
    June 2016

  • *Acupressure To Bring Your Female Out Of Season
    Learn the acupressure technique you can use to delay breeding your cycling queen.
    July 2005

  • *Acupuncture Can Save Your Newborn
    This article teaches you an acupuncture technique you can easily learn which may save the life of your newborn kitten!
    December 2016

  • *Acupuncture For Cats
    This alternate therapy based on ancient Chinese principles may prove a good option for cat`s problem.
    June 2005

  • *Add Heat To Your Show Cat's Conditioning Bath
    The conditioning bath prepares and maintains your show cat's the coat between show baths. Adding heat to a conditioning bath helps intensify the effects of the conditioning.
    November 2015

  • *Adding Volume to Your Cat`s Coat
    Learn how to add more volume to your cat`s coat, making the coat look fuller and bigger. This article tells you specific products to use and what they will do to add fullness and texture to your cat`s coat.
    January 2021

  • *Adding Your Website To Cattery Directories
    This article includes a handy list of links to an assortment of breed directories to which you can add your cattery name to take your marketing and cattery website's profile to even higher levels.
    March 2012

  • *Adding Your Website To Search Engines
    Here is a handy list with clickable links to the search engines to which you can add your cattery website or feline-related business...
    February 2012

  • *Adverse Reactions To Vaccines
    Every breeder should know what adverse reactions a cat may have to a vaccination.
    December 2006

  • *Advertising a Kitten For Sale at the Show
    Learn simple techniques to attract more buyers for your kitten at the show by preparing an eye-catching sign, plus some simple sales techniques, and knowing what to say to prospective buyers. Includes a complete resource list of suppliers.
    July 2010

  • Advice To A Newbie
    Deciding to become part of the cat fancy can be an exciting and wonderful time. It can also be confusing and disappointing. Learn some of the best tips for making your journey as a new cat breeder as smooth as possible....
    February 2022

  • *Afraid Of The Dryer
    What do you do if your show cat is terrified of the hair dryer?
    May 2022

  • *Aggressive Stud Cat
    Occasionally a stud cat is more interested in fighting with his potential mate rather than making love. Learn what you can do to encourage the boy kitty to make whoopee, not war.
    April 2016

  • Agility - A First Experience
    A Himalayn breeder shares her impressions at her first CFA, non-ICAT Agility Trial.
    February 2005

  • Aging Cat
    Most cats age gracefully. Old age is not an illness, but your cat's senior years will require special consideration from you to make it enjoyable.
    April 2015

  • *Aggression Between Cats
    Sometimes one cat can be aggressive towards another, creating a great deal of unhappiness in the feline family. But such bad behavior can be corrected.
    June 2021

  • Airlines Now Required To Report Pet Injuries, Loss or Deaths
    New governement regulations require that airlines report any injuries, deaths or lost animals they transport.
    June 2005

  • *Albon
    Albon is a useful antibiotic used to treat a wide variety of infections including the digestive problems associated with coccidiosis.
    June 2005

  • *Allergic To Cats
    If you have allergies, it may be better for you to keep your cat!
    September 2004

  • *Allergies In Cats
    Spring is typically the time of year when cats with allergies begin to itch and scratch. Learn how to make your allergic cat more comfortable.
    June 2006

  • Almost, Almost
    Every year there are people who campaign cats for a national win. Some make it, and some don't. Yet those people whose cats don't quite make their NW, are also winners. Kudos to the cats that "almost" made it . . .
    May 2017

  • *Aloe Vera & Your Cat
    Aloe Vera is often used in alternative medical therapies, including veterinary medicine, but it must be used correctly and with caution when given to a feline...
    January 2018

  • *Alopecia
    Hair loss and bald spots on your cat can be the results of several different conditions.
    July 2019

  • Alternative and Traditional Chinese Medicine For Anorexia and Constipation: Sunny's Story
    This article tells the journey taken by one determined owner to find the answer to her older cat's refusal to eat and difficulty with constipation...
    March 2018

  • American Airlines Bans Snub-Nosed Breeds
    American Airlines will not accept brachycephalic or snub-nosed cats as checked luggage. The ban includes Persians, Exotic Shorthairs and Burmese cats.
    February 2011

  • American Bobtail DM's In CFA
    Here is a list of the American Bobtails who have earned the prestigious breeding title of Distinguished Merit.
    April 2011

  • American Curl DMs
    American Curls who have earned the breeding title of Distinguished Merit
    July 2006

  • American Curl Grands of Distinction in CFA
    The first American Curl to earn this title was GC, GPD, RW Procurlharem Rhett Butler O'Curla, a Brown Spotted Tabby & White Longhair neuter, bred by Caroline Scott & Michael Tucker and owned by Kathie Hunt.
    September 2017

  • American Curl National Winners
    The winningest American Curls in CFA History
    February 2005

  • American Shorthair Breed Winners in CFA
    This detailed chart shows the top American Shorthairs in CFA for each season.
    October 2008

  • American Shorthair DMs
    American Shorthairs who have earned the breeding title of Distinguished Merit
    July 2005

  • American Shorthair Grands of Distinction in CFA
    In 2011, CFA instituted a brand new title — the Grand of Distinction. The first Persian to earn the award in CFA was a Brown McTabby spay named GPD, RW Belcats Dream A Little Dream. This article tracks the American Shorthairs that have earned this prestigious title to-date.
    October 2016

  • American Shorthair National Winners
    The winningest American Shorthairs in CFA History
    April 2004

  • American Wirehair Breed Winners In CFA
    See a list of the American Wirehairs that have earned the coveted title of Breed Winner in CFA....
    March 2009

  • American Wirehair DMs
    American Wirehairs who have earned the breeding title of Distinguished Merit
    January 2006

  • American Wirehair Grands of Distinction in CFA
    In 2011, CFA instituted a brand new title - the Grand of Distinction. The first Persian to earn the award in CFA was a Brown McTabby spay named GPD, RW Belcats Dream A Little Dream. This article tracks the American Wirehairs that have earned this prestigious title to-date.
    August 2020

  • American Wirehair National Winners
    The winningest American Wirehairs in CFA History
    November 2004

  • *Amikacin
    Amikacin is an antibiotic that is used to treat bacterial infections when more commonly used antibiotics have proven ineffective. Learn when to use this antibiotic and the side effects you will need to watch out for . . .
    August 2014

  • *Amitriptyline
    While amitriptyline was originally developed out of a need in human medicine as an anti-anxiety medication, in cats it is prescribed for conditions such as urinating out of the litter box, spraying and excessive grooming.
    November 2017

  • *Amitriptyline Case History
    A breeder shares her experience with the use of the medication, Amitriptylene, to control and eliminate a cat`s poor litter box habit.
    November 2017

  • *Amoxicillin
    Amoxi` is a good broad spectrum antibiotic useful in medicating cats with several conditions including upper respiratory and urinary infections.
    October 2004

  • *Amputated Leg
    Follow the story of an Abyssinian kitten who fractured a hind leg in a freak accident and the difficult decision his breeder was forced to make...
    September 2022

  • *Anal Sac Problems In Your Cat
    Learning how to express your cat`s anal sacs is easy and may help avoid a future medical problem.
    January 2018

  • *Analyzing The E-Points
    Analyzing E-Points can tell you much more than just the standings of the cats - they can tell you what is and isn`t possible - and which cats to look out for.
    November 2003

  • *Analyzing Your Cat`s Shows
    Analyzing your cat`s show record is the basis for a successful and smart campaign. Learn how to use the records of show results to build a campaign strategy.
    November 2003

  • *Anaphylaxis In Cats
    Epinephrine can save your cats life in the case of an allergic reaction.
    October 2005

  • *Anaphylaxis/Anaphylactic Shock, Part One: Overview & Symptoms
    Anaphylactic shock is a type of deadly allergic reaction that can quickly result in death if it is not treated as an emergency situation. Learn what causes anaphylaxis and the symptoms to watch for ...
    February 2010

  • *Anaphylaxis/Anaphylactic Shock, Part Two: Treatment & Prognosis
    The most important thing to understand about anaphylaxis is that it is a extreme medical emergency that requires immediate treatment.
    February 2010

  • *Anatomy of a Pregnant Cat
    Every breeder should be able to envision what is going on beneath the surface of their pregnant cat.
    April 2021

  • *Anesthetic Myths
    Every breeder should know the truth and myths concerning which anesthesia option to choose should their cat require surgery.
    December 2016

  • Angel Paz Cattery Tour
    Enjoy a tour of Angel Paz cattery.
    July 2021

  • *Angry Lovers
    Occasionally, a well-planned breeding you are looking forward to takes an unexpected detour when the bride and groom develop a dislike to one another. There are ways you can encourage love to bloom between even the most unco-operative of fiancees. :-)
    November 2014

  • Animal Rights Agenda
    Understanding the difference between Animal Welfare and Animal Rights is a critical distinction that all people need to make in order to choose the philosophy that best represents their hopes and wishes for the future of both domesticated and wild animals
    August 2007

  • Ann Pevey
    The cat fancy has lost respected CFA judge Ann Pevey, a noted breeder of Persians, Manx and Abyssinians under the Wynden cattery name...
    January 2010

  • Anna Sadler
    The cat fancy has lost one of our dearest treasures, Anna Sadler of Brannaway Persians.
    July 2004

  • *Antibiotic Resistent Bacteria
    Learn why bacteria become resistant to antibiotics - and how to prevent or avoid it happening to your cat ...
    February 2021

  • *Antibiotics Classified
    In an ever-expanding world of new antibiotics, it is helpful to learn the main types and classifications of antibiotics available in feline veterinary medicine ...
    April 2010

  • *Antibiotics For Newborns
    Which antibiotics are best for newborn kittens?
    May 2017

  • *Ants
    With summer comes sunny warm weather and sometimes... ants! Learn how to eliminate these pesky insects without endangering the health of your cats.
    July 2022

  • *Anxious Cat
    Just like people, cats can suffer from stress. Stress-related anxiety can lead to both physical and behavioral problems in the suffering feline.
    July 2021

  • GC, BW, NW AOL Mambo
    CFA's Sixth Best Cat for 2012-2013 is the magnificent Persian male born in Switzerland, GC, BW, NW AOL Mambo, bred and co-owned by Aleksejs Dergachovs and Olivier Grin. This is the story of a black Persian, two men and three cattery names . . .
    April 2014

  • AOV - Any Other Variety
    AOV, or Any Other Variety, refers to a cat that is a breed or color or has a characteristic that makes it unacceptable for show competition, while it is allowable for registration and breeding purposes.
    January 2008

  • Apps For Cats
    In a technological world awash with "apps" for your iphone or ipad, it is not surprising that a large number of apps are now available that are definitely feline-friendly. Here are the latest and most popular apps for cats...
    September 2020

  • *Are All Problems Inherited?
    Knowing which faults in your kittens may be genetic, and which may be due to other factors is essential to evaluating which cats to include or remove from a well thought-out breeding program.
    September 2022

  • *Are We Over-Vaccinating
    Does your cat need a yearly vaccination booster? Probably not...
    December 2005

  • Are You Ready?
    If disaster struck and you were forced to leave your home tomorrow, would you and your cats be ready to evacuate quickly and safely?
    November 2021

  • *Arthritis and Your Cat
    Although cats do not develop many orthopedic problems, they can suffer from arthritis. Learn the suble symptoms to watch for that will alert you that your cat may have a problem and learn the best treatmentoptions that are available.
    December 2017

  • *Artificial Tears
    Artificial tears are over-the-counter lubricating eye drops that can be used to treat a cat's dry or irritated eyes...
    April 2011

  • Ask The Expert
    This collection of articles covers a wide range of questions about cats that are answered by our experts.

  • *Aspiration Pneumonia
    Aspiration pneumonia is a condition in which a cat's lungs become inflamed when it accidentally inhales foreign matter. It is critical that every cat breeder know the symptoms and treatment of this potentially life-threatening condition.
    February 2021

  • *Aspirin
    Aspirin can be a useful drug to give your cat - or it can create a life-threatening risk.
    September 2004

  • Associate Editor, Kathy Durdick, Named Exhibitor of the Year for CFA's Northwest Region
    ShowCatsOnline.com is proud to announce that Associate Editor, Kathy Durdick of Ristokat Himalayans, has been named CFA Northwest Region's Exhibitor of the Year 2008.
    June 2008

  • *At What Age Should Kittens Go To a New Home?
    Sometimes buyers want to take a kitten far too early. There are some simple things you can explain to them in order for them to understand why they need to wait until the kitten is the best age to go to its new home.
    October 2020

  • GCD, NW Atzelhof's Blue Berlin
    GCD, NW Atzelhof's Blue Berlin, a stunning British Shorthair from Thailand is CFA's Best Cat of the Year 2016 for the International Division, Other. With the support of a incredible team of British Shorthair breeders, Berlin was shown in 8 different countries and on 3 different continents — a truly international campaign. This is his story . . .
    May 2016

  • *Aveda Hair Products
    Shampoos and conditioners made from pure plant extracts can produce great results on your cat`s coat.
    October 2018

  • *Average Gestation Period of the Cat
    What IS the average length of pregnancy in a cat? How many kittens does a cat usually have? How long is it from the birth of the first kitten to the birth of the last one? Find the answers to these questions... and more!
    April 2017

  • *Avoid Being Bitten
    Cat bites can be painful as well as dangerous, but you can avoid being bitten if you take the right precautions . . .
    September 2014

  • Awards Presentations
    The campaign may be over however if your cat has earned a show title or award in this past show season, there are things you will need to do before you attend the awards dinner.
    June 2016


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