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  • * Adverse Reactions To Vaccines
    Every breeder should know what adverse reactions a cat may have to a vaccination.
    December 2006

  • * Are We Over-Vaccinating
    Does your cat need a yearly vaccination booster? Probably not...
    December 2005

  • * Core Vaccinations For Your Cat
    "Core" vaccines are those vaccinations that every cat needs to be given to protect it from common, infectious feline diseases.
    October 2015

  • * Fibrosarcomas
    A Fibrosarcoma is a relatively rare but aggressive type of cancerous tumor. Learn what to look for and what to do about it.
    October 2002

  • * Giving Your Cat An Injection
    Sub-Q or IM: Learn the correct technique for giving your cat injections, complete with photos!
    November 2019

  • * How Old Should A Kitten Be When It Receives Its Last Vaccination?
    New research suggests we may need to reconsider the age of the final shot in the kitten series of vaccinations....
    November 2009

  • * If A Cat Is Allergic To A Vaccine
    Once a cat has had a bad reaction to a vaccine, you must take special precautions when you need to revaccinate in the future. This article will teach you how to keep your sensitive kitty safe.
    March 2017

  • Immunize or Titre?
    It may be of greater benefit to your adult cats health to titer rather than routinely give booster vaccinations.
    February 2022

  • Information About Vaccines That Can Save Your Cat`s Life!
    The benefits of vaccinating your cat are undeniable - but you must also take steps to reduce the possibility of the risk of a vaccinated associated sarcoma.
    July 2004

  • * Intranasal Vaccines For Cats
    Intranasal vaccines are available to protect against serious Feline Herpesvirus-1 and Calicivirus infections. These vaccines do not prevent the disease but are intended to reduce the severity of the illness if the cat does become infected . . .
    January 2015

  • * Kitten Immunity: Passive & Active
    Learning about passive and active immunity will help you understand how best to vaccinate your kittens to maximize their ability to fight infections from birth to adulthood.
    April 2018

  • * Modified Live Or Killed Vaccine: Which Should You Use?
    Modified-live versus killed vaccines - which is the best choice to use in a cat breeding program? Learn the pros and cons between the two different types of vaccine and the factors you need to consider to choose the one that works best for you ...
    December 2009

  • * Out-Dated or Warm Vaccines
    Should you use a vaccine if is past its expiry date? Should you use a vaccine that has been left unrefrigerated overnight? Learn the answers to these questions plus what you need to know to keep your vaccines as effective as possible.
    April 2016

  • * Reporting Adverse Reactions To Vaccines or Drugs
    If your cat has a bad reaction to a vaccine injection or medication , it is important that you report it to the relevant parties in order to try to minimize the problem happening to another animal.
    June 2020

  • * Syringes You Should Own
    A selection of syringe in various sizes and types can help make the care and feeding of your kittens much easier.
    February 2022

  • * Transdermal Vaccines
    The first needle-less vaccine is available for use in animals with the launch of Purevax Vet JetTM transdermal Feline Leukemia vaccine.
    July 2005

  • * Vaccinating Pregnant or Breeding Queens
    Nursing kittens obtain their initial immunity from their mothers. The knowledgeable cat breeder needs to know the optimal time to vaccinate each breeding queen so that she has a strong immunity to give to her babies.
    January 2017

  • * Vaccination Protocol To Reduce Upper Respiratory Infections In Weaning Kittens
    If you are experiencing a reoccurring problem in your cattery with young kittens breaking with upper resiratory infections between 6 and 10 weeks of age, this vaccination protocal may help!
    November 2020

  • * Vaccination Protocols
    The guidelines for vaccination of cats are currently in a state of flux due to several issues. Learn what you need to consider in order to choose the best vaccinations for your situation.
    March 2019

  • * Vaccination Sites On Your Cat
    Where on your cat you give him his vaccination is as important as what vaccine you use!
    January 2018

  • * When Not To Vaccinate
    All cats need to be vaccinated - however the timing of their vaccinations is important. There are definitely times when vaccinations should be postponed or you risk the health of your cat.
    September 2017



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