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  • Associate Editor, Kathy Durdick, Named Exhibitor of the Year for CFA's Northwest Region
    ShowCatsOnline.com is proud to announce that Associate Editor, Kathy Durdick of Ristokat Himalayans, has been named CFA Northwest Region's Exhibitor of the Year 2008.
    June 2008

  • Gallery
    A Gallery of photos of cats preserving the history of the cats behind the cats for all breeders for all time.
    July 2002

  • New Additions To Our Staff
    We would like to officially welcome two new members of our staff - Tracy Fasciana of Abayomi Abyssinians and Mary Dickerson of SACCARELLO Persians.
    June 2010

  • Our Greatest Articles
    Have you ever wondered which were the best articles? The most popular? Well learn what our greatest article is ... and why.
    June 2010

  • Our Readers Speak Out
    Blush, Blush ... It is with real humility that we share some of the compliments sent to us over the years from our readers ...
    June 2010

  • The People Behind Our Ezine
    The people behind the scenes of ShowCatsOnline.com share a bit about themselves...
    June 2010

  • ShowCatsOnline Is Now On Facebook!
    ShowCatsOnline.com is pleased to announce that we have now joined the Facebook community, with a brand new fan page!
    April 2010

  • Spanish Articles Now Available on ShowCatsOnline.com
    We share with our readers a written show standard describing the ideal for felines of mixed parentage ...
    September 2009

  • Special Birthday Gift
    It has always been a tradition at ShowCatsOnline.com to celebrate our birthday by giving each member a free submission to Our Gallery. THIS year, is a very special celebration, and so in the spirit of this milestone we want to offer our members even more.
    June 2010

  • Ten Years And Counting
    It is so hard to believe that it has been almost ten years since ShowCatsOnline.com debuted as the first online all breed magazine in the history of the cat fancy. As we celebrate our first decade online, we take a few moments to look back ...
    June 2010

  • Title Cats For Authors
    All authors of articles published on ShowCatsOnline.com, are invited to submit a cat photo for inclusion as the Title Cat in their article!
    September 2007



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