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  • Airline Pet Fees
    Like the cost of most things in the modern world, the cost of air transport and ticket fees for cats are on the rise...
    August 2008

  • Airlines Now Required To Report Pet Injuries, Loss or Deaths
    New governement regulations require that airlines report any injuries, deaths or lost animals they transport.
    June 2005

  • American Airlines Bans Snub-Nosed Breeds
    American Airlines will not accept brachycephalic or snub-nosed cats as checked luggage. The ban includes Persians, Exotic Shorthairs and Burmese cats.
    February 2011

  • * At What Age Should Kittens Go To a New Home?
    Sometimes buyers want to take a kitten far too early. There are some simple things you can explain to them in order for them to understand why they need to wait until the kitten is the best age to go to its new home.
    October 2020

  • Cats Earn Frequent Flyer Miles on Continental
    Continental Airlines awards frequent flyer miles to cats who fly in cargo while traveling with their owners.
    April 2003

  • Companion Air
    A new airline in the United States will cater to people traveling with their pets.
    March 2003

  • Dry Fur
    A new mat for the bottom of your cat`s carrier is designed to keep your cat dry and clean during trips.
    July 2021

  • Frequent Flyer Miles For Pets
    Travel with your cat and receive Frequent Flyer Miles!
    February 2005

  • * Labels on Your Shipping Carrier
    When shipping your cat, there are a few tips about labeling your carrier that may help your cat arrive quickly and safely to its destination.
    September 2016

  • * Shipping Your Cat By Air
    Learn how to prepare the carrier, choose the best airline, and ensure that your kitty arrives safely.
    March 2019

  • Southwest Airlines Accepts Pets
    Small dogs and cats in carriers are for the first time welcome in cabin on Southwest Airline flights!
    June 2009

  • To Ship Or Not To Ship
    A breeder explains the evolution of her no-shipping policy.
    July 2017



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