Female Cat Reproductive Problems

Articles about female cats with reproductive problems

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  • * Female Infertility Part One: Evaluation
    Infertility is the inability to conceive or to carry a pregnancy to term. Failure of a female cat to produce kittens can arise at any stage of the reproductive process.
    July 2019

  • * Female Infertility: Part Two Causes & Treatments
    Learn the main causes of female infertility in the cat and suggest treatments
    July 2019

  • * G Strep Infections in a Breeding Cattery
    Are your queens having smaller litters? Or having premature births? Perhaps your cats are failing to get pregnant at all. Are you losing newborns to Fading Kitten Syndrome? These are all symptoms of a G Strep infection in your cattery. This article tells you how to stop the losses and maintain a healthy breeding program unaffected by G Strep infections . . .
    May 2020

  • * Homeopathic Remedies For Breeding Female Cats
    Does your queen sometimes have problems becoming pregnant? Or carrying her litter to term? While there is little scientific research on the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies, an increasing number of veterinarians and breeders have experienced the benefits of using homeopathics in the treatment and care of felines.
    November 2020

  • * Mammary Hyperplasia
    Mammary hyperplasia is a condition characterized by the rapid growth of the mammary tissues.
    September 2019

  • * Reproductive Problems in Female Cats
    Evaluating your queen`s reproductive success is part of what every breeder must do periodically to maintain strong and health breeding stock.
    June 2017

  • * Unsuccessful Pregnancies
    It is a long journey from the fertilization of an egg by a sperm to the final goal of the successful birth of a kitten. In between lies obstacles - reabsorption, abortion, mummification, premature birth and stillbirths. Learn more about what can go wrong and how to respond to specific problems when they occur...
    July 2020

  • * Uterine Infections In The Female Cat Part #1: Vaginal Discharges
    Discharge from the vagina is the quintessential symptom of a uterine infection.
    March 2022

  • * Uterine Infections In The Female Cat Part #2: Pregnancy and Infertility
    Understanding how to reduce the impact a uterine infection can have on the fertility of the female cat may save your queen`s breeding career.
    March 2022



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