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  • * Adding Your Website To Cattery Directories
    This article includes a handy list of links to an assortment of breed directories to which you can add your cattery name to take your marketing and cattery website's profile to even higher levels.
    March 2012

  • * Adding Your Website To Search Engines
    Here is a handy list with clickable links to the search engines to which you can add your cattery website or feline-related business...
    February 2012

  • Apps For Cats
    In a technological world awash with "apps" for your iphone or ipad, it is not surprising that a large number of apps are now available that are definitely feline-friendly. Here are the latest and most popular apps for cats...
    September 2020

  • Cat Email Lists
    Cat-related email lists are part of the cat fancy and are here to stay. Which ones are the best to join?
    September 2002

  • Cat Email Lists `How To`
    No matter what your breed or area of interest, there is a cat email list for you! learn how to join and manage your cat email lists.
    November 2005

  • Cattery Listing Services
    A look at some of the sites online that have cattery listings
    August 2005

  • Create A Free Facebook Page For Your Cat Club
    Lorna Friemoth of NuDawnz Cattery provides step-by-step instructions describing how to create a free Facebook page for your cat club, how to use Facebook to promote your cat show, and how to increase spectator attendance using Facebook advertising.
    May 2016

  • * Do`s and Don`ts of Good Cattery Website Design
    It is important that your present your cats as beautifully on the internet as in the show ring. To help you make some wise choices, we have collected a list of tips for designing a good website.
    May 2001

  • * E-mails and Show Brags
    There are two basic `styles` of show brag... there is the individual type and there is the more involved show report style. Choose the one that will work best for you and learn how to write it well.
    March 2001

  • Facebook For Catteries
    Facebook can be a fun place to show off your cats and highlight their show accomplishments. Mollie shares her ideas for creating a Facebook page for your cattery . . .
    August 2013

  • Facebook Tips For Cat Fanciers
    With over a billion users, there is no denying Facebook is a massive online presence. There are many ways that a smart cat fancier can use Facebook to promote their cattery, their breed, their cat club and their organization . . .
    August 2013

  • How The Digital Age Is Changing The Cat Fancy
    As we enter the year 2017, do you yearn for the good old days before everything went digital? The digital age continues to make advances that change our world — and will impact the cat fancy of tomorrow. Imagine the differences our future may hold . . .
    July 2021

  • Information on the Internet: How Much Can It Be Trusted?
    A cat breeder needs to be well-educated and informed about all the health and husbandry issues involved with owning and maintaining a cattery. With so much information available on the internet, how do you know if the advice you find is the right information for YOUR cats?
    January 2017

  • iPad and Android Games For Cats
    Friskies® cat food has launched three new free online games especially for your cat! Read on to learn more...
    June 2011

  • * Keywords For Your Website
    Choosing the best keywords for your webpage improves the possibility of viewers finding you on the internet
    February 2006

  • * Monitor Your Cats From Your Cell Phone
    You can use your computer, tablet or smart phone to watch your cats wirelessly from another room in your home, or while you are away at work, or from across the country at a cat show . . . and this can all be accomplished for less than a $100 investment.
    September 2015

  • ShowCatsOnline Web Design
    Lee Harper invites you to visit her website, ShowCatsOnline Web Design, if you are looking for a designer to create or update your cattery website.

  • * Submitting Your Cattery Website To Search Engines
    Tips for submitting your cattery website to search engines.
    October 2005



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