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  • Aquarius Cat
    Aquarius is the Water Bearer... Don`t get your paws wet!
    February 2006

  • Aries Cat
    ARIES - Genghis Khan?t top this!
    March 2006

  • Cancer Cat
    Startled cats born under the sign of cancer are capable of out-leaping the cow that jumped over the moon.
    June 2006

  • Capricorn Cat
    The Capricorn Cat is a holiday cat born between December 22nd and January 20th...
    December 2005

  • Cat Horoscopes 2007
    Do the stars determine the personality of your cat? Many people think it does...
    January 2007

  • Gemini Cat
    Do you have a cat born between May 21 and June 21? If you do, you may need to gain insight into the personality of the Gemini cat . . .
    May 2015

  • Leo Cat
    The cat born under the sign of the lion have attitude - lots and lots of attitude!
    July 2006

  • Libra Cat
    There is nothing more charming than a Libra kitten...
    September 2006

  • Pisces Cat
    The Pisces cat is the most ethereal of felines.
    February 2006

  • Sagittarius Cat
    The Sagittarian is your original `good time Charlie`. He`s always up, always ready, and raring to go, whether you are or not.
    November 2006

  • Scorpio Cat
    The cat born under the Scorpio sign is the James Bond of the feline world.
    October 2006

  • Taurus Cat
    Taurus - Bumble Be Ware
    April 2006

  • Virgo Cat
    For Virgos, cleanliness is next to godliness, and they ARE God.
    August 2006



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