Articles concerned with your cat's nutrition

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  • * Biotin
    Biotin is a supplement noted for making the coat thicker and plusher, longer and silkier.
    July 2013

  • Cat Food 800 Numbers
    Regardless of which commercial cat food you choose, keep this handy list of free 800 numbers and links to websites in case you ever need to contact the manufacturer or find current information about their products.
    March 2009

  • Cat Food Comparisons
    Ingredients of popular brands of dry cat food are presented in a table to help you compare and choose the best food for your cat.
    July 2002

  • Cat Food Labels
    Knowing what to look for on the label of your cat food will help you choose the right brand for your cat.
    September 2021

  • * Cat Grass
    Cat grass is a plant product which is grown for the specific purpose of giving cats a live plant to munch on if they desire.
    January 2022

  • * Cat Too Fat
    Did you know that about 25 % of all cats are obese or are likely to become obese by middle age?
    February 2018

  • * Cat Treats: Choosing The Best One For Your Feline
    Most cat owners enjoy giving their favorite feline an occasional treat, but which treat is right for your cat?
    March 2019

  • * Cats Shouldn`t Be Fed Dog Food
    The nutitional requirement of cats are quite different from those of their canine counterparts.
    November 2006

  • * Changing Foods
    If a breeder decides to change their cats diet, care must be taken not to upset the feline digestive system
    September 2005

  • * Cool Summer Treats For Your Cat
    There is no reason your favorite kitty cannot enjoy a cool treat when the heat of summer is blazing. While ice cream isn't good for a cat, there are simple cold treats you can give your kitty instead.
    August 2021

  • * Dehydration In A Cat
    Dehydration can be a serious problem for both kittens and adults cats. Any imbalance of water and electrolytes (minerals) in the body can cause serious complications.
    April 2022

  • * Diet and Coat Color
    Can a diet be supplemented to improve coat color? Perhaps...
    November 2019

  • Eight Foods You Should Not Feed Your Cat
    Learn the eight foods that are bad for your kitty!
    February 2022

  • * Foods That Are A Feline No-No
    Many of the foods in your own kitchen are a danger to your cat, causing everything from a mildly upset tummy to possible fatal conditions.
    November 2021

  • * Helping A Cat With A Food Allergy
    The only real solution for a cat with a food allergy is to simply avoid the food to which the cat is allergic. The challenge is to discover which food ingredient is creating the problem. The only way to do this is to conduct a food trial.
    June 2022

  • * Milk and Your Cat
    Did you know it is not actually recommended that you give your cat cow's milk? This article discusses why and offers better options to give your cat...
    December 2019

  • * Nutrition For The Pregnant Cat
    Providing the best nutrition for your pregnant cat will ensure that her kittens get the best start to life possible.
    March 2019

  • * Seven Day Food Changing Plan
    To avoid a tummy upset when changing the food you are feeding your cat, it is almost always better to introduce the new food gradually. Here is a simple 7-day plan to effectively switch your cat to a new brand or type of cat food.
    July 2017

  • Taste Test
    ShowCatsOnline recently participated in a small experiment for a local television show - it was a blind taste test of four brands of dry cat food... and here are the (surprising) results!
    October 2021

  • * Thiamine Deficiency
    Thiamine is a routine ingredient in all cat foods, so thiamine deficiency is rare. When thiamine deficiency is diagnosed it is most typically seen in a cat eating large amounts of raw fish. Learn the signs to look for...
    September 2011

  • * Tuna Water
    To preserve the length of your cat`s chest coat and to prevent staining, we often prefer to have the kitty drink from a water bottle rather than a bowl. Learn a simple trick to get your cat to drink from a water bottle using Tuna!
    August 2019



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