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  • * Balance In A Show Cat
    The dictionary defines balance as an harmonious arrangement of all the parts of the whole. In the cat world, balance is the proportions of the parts of the feline that define the total ideal look of any breed.
    January 2021

  • Breed Standard
    When children first go to school, they learn their ABC`s. The first thing every breeder must learn about when beginning in the cat fancy is their BREED STANDARD.
    December 2017

  • * Evaluating A Cat And Its Pedigree
    Whether searching for a new cat to bring into your breeding program, or wondering which kitten to keep from the season`s `crop`, the decision-making process begins with evaluating the individual cat and its pedigree...
    August 2016

  • * Evaluating A Pedigree By Titles
    Pedigrees are an important ingredient of every breeding program. Knowing how to evaluate different pedigrees is an essential skill that the smart cat breeder must learn. This article teaches you how...
    June 2012

  • * Evaluating Proportions When Judging A Show Cat
    Part of being able to judge any breed of cat, is developing an eye for evaluating a feline's general proportions at a glance. This skill, combined with knowledge of the breed's standard, will serve you well in comparing individual kitties. Learn how to hone your ability to see the proportions of a cat at a glance.
    November 2021

  • * Judging Your Kitten
    Being able to predict how a kitten will develop as it grows to adulthood is a skill that is an essential part of how a breeder develops their breeding program.
    June 2010

  • * Pursuit of Excellence
    Being a breeder means developing an eye for a good cat and embarking on the pursuit of excellence.
    August 2005

  • * Rating Your Kittens
    Every breeder wants to do an excellent job of rating the quality of the kittens they produce... but how?
    September 2022

  • * Refinement, Coarseness & Balance
    Understanding refinement, coarseness & balance, and how the three relate to the evaluation of a show cat is part of developing your `eye` for a good cat.
    June 2019

  • * Show? Breeder? Pet?
    Have you ever wondered exactly what `show quality` means? What`s the difference between a `show` kitten and a `top show` kitten? How is a show kitten different from a breeder/show kitten?
    June 2019

  • * Tail Kink: How To Detect One
    Do you know how to feel for a kink in your kitten's tail? Learn the correct procedure...
    July 2020

  • * Tail Kinks
    In some, if not most breeds, a tail kink can end a cat`s show career. How does it affect its breeding possibilities?
    April 2020

  • * Temperament Testing Your Kittens
    Using a modified version of the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test, cat breeders can now temperament test their kittens too. Learn how a series of simple tests can help you better predict the adult cat's temperament of today's adorable kitten . . .
    October 2015



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