Articles about the occurrence and treatment of abscesses...

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  • * Abscess & a Chemical Burn
    Using natural herbs like golden seal and aloe vera, you can help your cat quickly heal following an abscess or a chemical burn.
    March 2001

  • * Abscesses
    An abscess is an accumulations of pus that usually forms at the site of a puncture wound. In cats, an abscess often results from a cat bite. Learn the best home treatment for an abscess.
    September 2008

  • * Hot Soak For An Abscess
    This article discusses in detail how best to soak an abscess in hot water as part of its treatment regime.
    January 2012

  • * Sub-Q Abscess
    Complications associated with the subcutaneous administration of fluids are very uncommon, occasionally an abscess can develop at the site of the injection...
    August 2011

  • * Sub-Q Abscess Medical Case History
    Two kittens that had been given sub-Q fluids when they were ill and dehydrated, developed abscesses just under the skin at the site of the injection...
    August 2011



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