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Have you ever looked at a pedigree and wondered what some of the cats behind your kitten looked like? Wondered where your cat's wonderful eyes came from?... Wondered what cats you should be line-breeding on? is devoted to providing a photographic history of cats for today's breeders... and the breeders of the future.

What we hope to build is an alphabetical galley of photos of each breed so that years from now, fanciers will be able to see the cats that have gone before.

Each cat in the Gallery features a photo, the cat's name and titles, birth date, sire and dam.

If you see a small magnifying glass, click on it to see a larger photo of the cat.

Every new member of ShowCatsOnline receives a free submission of a cat to the Gallery. Each year when you renew your membership, you receive another free submission to the Gallery. Additional submissions are only $5/cat or 3 cats for $10.

Come be part of the history of your breed. To have your cat permanently included in "The Gallery", CLICK HERE

To take a tour, just click on the Gallery of your choice . . .

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