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  • Be Prepared!
    A cat breeder`s of experience with a burst water line in her home is a not-so-gentle reminder of what can go wrong.
    July 2004

  • Breed Registrations in CFA, TICA & GCCF
    Could looking into the breed distribution of kitten registrations explain why some cat registry numbers are growing while other registries are declining?
    February 2006

  • Comparing Cat Registry Numbers
    How many cats were registered in CFA, TICA and GCCF in the past few years? Which cat registries are growing in popularity? Which are declining?
    November 2005

  • Ivermectin Dosing
    Lorraine Shelton of Featherland shares the latest dosing information for the use of Ivermectin to treat ear mites, body mites and roundworms.
    July 2004

  • Ringworm Battle Plan
    There is NO `one step` solution to eliminating fungus from your cattery. You need to use all the weapons at your disposal to defeat this most persistent of enemies.
    January 2002

  • Show Ring Number Cards
    This article includes downloadable templates for printing sets of show number cards for both CFA and TICA
    March 2020

  • You Know You`re A Campaigner If...
    You know you`re a campaigner if your brand-new shiny SUV has over 100K miles on it and it`s only 7 months old.
    May 2006


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