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  • Cat Show Etiquette
    An experienced exhibitor shares her thoughts on what constitutes good cat show etiquette
    May 2007

  • Desidicata
    GO PLACIDLY amid the cat fanciers, secure in the knowledge that your cat is superior to all others and remembering what joy is to be found in being called for the upper half of a final.
    October 2002

  • Feline I.Q.
    A Korat breeder lists just a few of the behaviors that demonstrate her cats` clear intellectual superiority.
    July 2019

  • Veterans Class
    The `oldies` strut their stuff when a class is offered for cats 7 years old and up.
    February 2002

  • Wrong Cat, Right Husband
    Sometimes, having the wrong cat just highlights how you have the right husband :)
    September 2001


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