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  • *Amitriptyline Case History
    A breeder shares her experience with the use of the medication, Amitriptylene, to control and eliminate a cat`s poor litter box habit.
    November 2017

  • *Drugs? Mexico Style
    There are considerable savings and advantages that cat breeders can enjoy by traveling to Mexico to purchase some of the medications commonly used for the continued good health and maintenance of cats in a breeding program. You can even order drugs online.
    October 2001

  • *Priceline - Saving on Show Travel
    Going to a show and staying overnight? This cat breeder shares her secret how to save money on motel & hotel stays, airfares & car rentals.
    October 2005

  • Second Time Around
    An exhibitor shares her story of granding her cat... twice!
    November 2016

  • *Tuna Water
    To preserve the length of your cat`s chest coat and to prevent staining, we often prefer to have the kitty drink from a water bottle rather than a bowl. Learn a simple trick to get your cat to drink from a water bottle using Tuna!
    August 2019


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