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  • *Arthritis and Your Cat
    Although cats do not develop many orthopedic problems, they can suffer from arthritis. Learn the suble symptoms to watch for that will alert you that your cat may have a problem and learn the best treatmentoptions that are available.
    December 2017

  • *How to Pill Your Cat
    Sooner or later, you will have to give one of your feline family members medication... and that often means the dreaded `pill`. This article includes photos showing the best way to get that pill down your kitty`s throat :-)
    September 2016

  • *Identifying Your Cat: From Nail Polish to Microchip
    The main reason for identifying kittens at an early age is to be able to weigh them and track their weights regularly. Monitoring weight gains and losses is an excellent way of troubleshooting the health and progress of your new babies.
    September 2021

  • *Nebulizer Formulas
    Several variations on the basic medication formulas for use with your nebulizer. Nebulizing is an excellent way of giving medication to a sick cat, especially one suffering from respiratory problems.
    January 2020

  • *Plants, Poisons, and Other Dangers To Your Cat
    There are many products, plants and common household objects that can pose a danger to your cats. has compiled three extensive lists of dangers that you must be aware of in order to safeguard your cat.
    October 2001

  • Registration Statistics
    Is the cat fancy growing? Or is the cat fancy shrinking? We compare the kitten registration statistics of CFA, TIC, GCCF and the puppy registrations of the American Kennel Club to see which registries are doing better than others.
    May 2001

  • *Vomiting
    The average cat is pretty good at vomitting upon occasion. Learn the signs of when you need to see your veterinarian and what you can do at home to settle your kitty`s upset tummy.
    June 2019

  • What My Cat Has Taught Me
    A bit of wisdom and a touch of humor will put a smile on your face.
    July 2001


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