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  • *Acupuncture Can Save Your Newborn
    This article teaches you an acupuncture technique you can easily learn which may save the life of your newborn kitten!
    December 2016

  • *Acupuncture For Cats
    This alternate therapy based on ancient Chinese principles may prove a good option for cat`s problem.
    June 2005

  • *Adding Volume to Your Cat`s Coat
    Learn how to add more volume to your cat`s coat, making the coat look fuller and bigger. This article tells you specific products to use and what they will do to add fullness and texture to your cat`s coat.
    January 2021

  • *Aggression Between Cats
    Sometimes one cat can be aggressive towards another, creating a great deal of unhappiness in the feline family. But such bad behavior can be corrected.
    June 2021

  • *Analyzing The E-Points
    Analyzing E-Points can tell you much more than just the standings of the cats - they can tell you what is and isn`t possible - and which cats to look out for.
    November 2003

  • *Angry Lovers
    Occasionally, a well-planned breeding you are looking forward to takes an unexpected detour when the bride and groom develop a dislike to one another. There are ways you can encourage love to bloom between even the most unco-operative of fiancees. :-)
    November 2014

  • Anna Sadler
    The cat fancy has lost one of our dearest treasures, Anna Sadler of Brannaway Persians.
    July 2004

  • *Aveda Hair Products
    Shampoos and conditioners made from pure plant extracts can produce great results on your cat`s coat.
    October 2018

  • *Beer For Adding Body To Your Cat's Coat
    Shampooing or rinsing your cat in beer can add volume, texture and shine to your cat`s coat!
    January 2018

  • *Birthing Process Made Easy
    Whether you are a newbie or an old hand at delivering kittens, this is an excellent article for refining your mid-wife-ing skills. It covers everything from before delivery of the kittens, cutting the cord, right up to the kittens snuggling up to their mother's tummy.
    April 2017

  • *Black Hairs On A Red Cat
    One of the most curious color faults occurs when black hairs appear in the red coat of a show cat.
    October 2021

  • *Bleaching Stains: Part Two Removing Stains by Using a Bleaching Paste
    This is the second installment in our article about bleaching out the stains from the coat of a white show cat. Photos of an actual cat illustrate how to apply the simple paste.
    November 2021

  • *Bleaching Stains: Removing stains by using a Paste
    This is the first in a two-part article describing how to prepare and apply a simple paste to remove yellow stains from the white coat of your show cat.
    November 2021

  • *Blow Drying Your Longhaired Show Cat
    While exhibitors place great emphasis on the actual show bath, the way you dry your cat is just as important, especially when it is a longhair.
    November 2021

  • *Boomerang Babies
    My motto is `A Mockingbird Kitten is a Mockingbird Kitten Forever`.
    September 2017

  • IW RW SGC GC Boraines Sensation
    ShowCatsOnline is honored to present our first featured cat from TICA! Enjoy the story of `Saysha`, a stunning blue cream Persian who became her co-owners` first National Winning kitty.
    August 2001

  • Bracing to Correct Twisted Hind Legs
    An update on treatment for a kitten born with twisted legs due to contracted tendons.
    April 2004

  • *Breeding Techniques
    Inbreeding, Line Breeding and Outcrossing... do you understand what each is and more importantly which breeding technique you should be using?
    November 2017

  • *Building A Wire Window Guard
    Learn how to use vinyl covered wire shelving from your local hardware store to make a window guard to prevent your cat escaping through an open window.
    June 2005

  • *Calcium for Your Pregnant Queen
    Calcium is an important and vital ingredient in the health of your breeding queen. Lack of calcium can actually lead to a nursing queen`s death. Understanding the role calcium plays will help you give her the best care possible while ensuring her a successful pregnancy.
    May 2015

  • *Campaign Goals
    Campaign goals should remain flexible -- and you may have more options than you might think.
    June 2022

  • *Campaigning 101
    This is the first in a series of articles designed to help the exhibitor who would like to campaign their cat, or increase the possibility of a successful campaign while maximizing their enjoyment of the process.
    June 2001

  • *Campaigning A Kitten
    There is nothing quite like campaigning a kitten...
    June 2003

  • *Campaigning in Championship
    Perhaps the most prestigious National titles are those earned in Championship.
    June 2003

  • *Campaigning In Premiership
    The people who choose to campaign in Premiership are a very special breed of exhibitor.
    June 2003

  • *Campaigning: Choosing The Show
    One of the most vital skills a smart campaigner develops is choosing the `right` show for their cat.
    May 2003

  • *Campaigning: It`s A Numbers Game
    Campaiging is a numbers game. To be successful, it helps if you understand how to `read` the numbers.
    May 2003

  • *Campaigning: Making The Decision
    With your heart in your throat and stars in your eyes - you`ve made the big decision - You`re about to start on the campaign trail with your kitty... so now you need a PLAN!
    May 2003

  • *Car Sickness & Your Cat
    A cat that becomes car-sick can be a real problem, whether you are an exhibitor driving to the cat show or the pet owner taking kitty on vacation. Learn what you can cure your feline its phobia around automobile travel . . .
    February 2016

  • *Care of the Senior Citizen Feline
    Our cats are living longer and healthier lives - and with this longevity comes increased health concerns.
    August 2003

  • Cat Agility
    Move over puppy dogs! Cats are now entering the show ring in Agility!
    February 2004

  • *Cat Showing Philosophy
    Do you have a philosophy to help guide you through the experience of cat showing?
    February 2006

  • *Cat Spa
    Follow the construction of an outdoor cat enclosure.
    September 2006

  • Cat-Minster: The Taping Of A Cat Show
    The 2006 CFA International Cat Show will be the subject of a 2 hour TV special for the Game Show Network to be telecast in March 2007.
    December 2006

  • GC Cedar Valley Truffles
    This is the story of a little black Persian kitten who battled her way into the world, fought her way past setback after setback, and eventually fulfilled her Grand destiny at five and a half years of age.
    March 2001

  • Children At The Cat Show
    Learn some tips on how to give a child visitor to the cat show a good impression of the cat fancy and breeders . . .
    September 2015

  • *Cleft Palate in a Newborn Kitten
    The most common birth defect in cats is a cleft palate. There are some things you can do to reduce your chances of producing a kitten with this problem.
    February 2021

  • *Clipper Blades: Choosing the Right One For The Job
    Learn how to choose the correct clipper blade for the haircut you want to give your favorite feline.
    July 2019

  • *Clippers: Their Selection and Care
    Clippers are one of the most expensive grooming tools you will purchase for your cats. Choosing the right one and learning how to care for it is a wise investment.
    August 2018

  • *Clipping Teeth
    Occasionally as a kitten grows, its jaw will go `off` ... and it`s bite will be crooked. While this often corrects with time, the kitten`s baby canine teeth can prevent or interfere with the re-alignment process. There is an answer to the problem - clipping the canines.
    August 2019

  • *Co-Ownership of a Cat
    Of course there may be many reasons why two or more people decide to co-own a kitty, however there are 5 main reasons for co-ownership of a cat. It is a smart move to understand the pros and cons in any co-ownership situation.
    July 2018

  • *Coffee Filter Bib
    A bib can be an essential tool for keeping your immaculately groomed cat in purr-fect condition. An easy and inexpensive bib can be made from a simple coffee filter. Learn how . . .
    February 2017

  • *Color Inheritance: Part 1
    If you are a beginner who doesn`t understand color inheritance at all - this is for YOU!
    March 2018

  • *Color Inheritance: Part 2
    To understand color inheritance, all you basically need to understand is the inheritance of 3 colors - White, Black and Red. Everything else builds on these three colors.
    April 2018

  • *Color Inheritance: Part 2 - Answers to Questions
    The `trick` to keeping color prediction `simple` is to break the predictions down into stages. Using simple examples, you will understand simple color inheritance.
    February 2001

  • *Color Inheritance: Part 3
    Tabbies, Bi-Colors, Himalayans, Smokes... They all are just red, black or torties... but with a single genetic twist. Break the genes down into parts, and it is simple to understand
    March 2001

  • *Conditioning Bath
    Knowing when, why and how to give the perfect conditioning bath will prepare your cat`s coat for the show bath that will produce the perfect results.
    September 2015

  • *Controlling Static
    If you have had a problem with static in your cat`s coat, it`s time for you to anticipate the problem and begin to take steps to avoid it. Learn about some of the options and products available for you to correct the problem of flyaway coat.
    December 2016

  • *Corneal Sequestrum
    A Corneal Sequestrum is a condition of the cornea that only occurs in cats.
    June 2003

  • *Cutting The Umbilical Cord Of A Newborn Kitten
    Cutting the cord of a newborn is the most common `surgery` the cat breeder is called upon to perform. Enjoy a step-by-step description of the process, complete with photographs.
    March 2020

  • *Degrees of Cleft Palate
    Cleft palate is a birth defect that occurs in all breeds of cats. Sometimes it is a minor problem and sometimes it is severe. Photos of newborn kittens show you exactly what to look for.
    February 2021

  • Difference
    A pet owner muses over the difference her cats have made in her life...
    March 2004

  • Different Breeds are Different
    What is true for one breed, may not be true for another. When we talk about a breed other than our own we need to understand that different breeds are just that... different!
    April 2002

  • Different Kind of Cat Show
    While high profile dog shows such as Westminster are a regular part of television programming, we don`t see cat shows on TV because they are not considered as entertaining to a general audience as a dog show. Could we mimic the successful dog show format
    November 2002

  • Do you have what it takes to be a HERO?
    It takes a special commitment to help save our feline friends in distress. This is a tribute to people involved in feline rescue. Included is a large list of links to rescue organizations.
    July 2001

  • Donna Norris
    CFA LH Judge, Donna Norris, passed away recently. She is a treasure lost.
    February 2005

  • *Do`s and Don`ts of Good Cattery Website Design
    It is important that your present your cats as beautifully on the internet as in the show ring. To help you make some wise choices, we have collected a list of tips for designing a good website.
    May 2001

  • *E. Coli `Blooms`
    Acute or chronic diarrhea that fails to respond to normal medications may be the result of an overgrowth of E. coli bacteria in your cat`s digestive tract.
    May 2022

  • *Easy Grand
    Granding your show cat can be easy... or it can be more of a challenge.
    October 2001

  • *Eclampsia
    Every breeder should be able to recognize the signs of eclampsia - your queen`s life may depend on it.
    May 2019

  • *Eight Major Factors That Affect Coat
    Nothing is quite as glorious as a Persian with coat dripping to the floor or an Exotic with a coat that your hand just sinks into. Learn about the 8 major things that affect how much coat your cat will have - and what you can do to help.
    March 2002

  • *Enlarging Small Nostrils on a Persian Cat
    More common with Persians and Exotics, any cat breeder can produce a cat with small nostrils. But there is no reason for cats with this problem to suffer. Easy, inexpensive laser surgery can make the cat more comfortable overnight - literally. See the results in before and after photos.
    March 2017

  • *Evaluating A Cat From Photos
    Whether you are buying or selling, knowing how to evaluate a cat`s structure from its photo is a valuable skill to develop.
    September 2013

  • *Eye Medications
    A discussion of the options available in medications to promote healing of eye ulcers, sequestrums and other problems that can affect the eye.
    September 2003

  • *Eye Ulcers
    Eye Ulcers are a relatively common feline eye problem. Whether minor or severe, taking proper care of an eye ulcer is essential.
    April 2003

  • *Eye Ulcers Part 2
    A complicated or complex eye ulcer is a serious condition of the eye.
    May 2003

  • *Eyes Stuck Shut
    While not all kittens in the same litter open their eyes on the same day, if a kitten has still not opened its eyes several days after all its littermates have, you may need to intervene.
    February 2021

  • *Eyes Wide Open: Part One
    Few things are as frustrating as the cat who holds his eyes wide open at home but squints at the cat show. Fear not! There are ways to help your kitty show off his beautiful peepers.
    August 2017

  • *Eyes Wide Open: Part Two
    Learn which eye drops and eye washes work best to help your kitty`s eyes stay wide open at the cat show.
    August 2017

  • *Fading Kitten Syndrome
    Stop losing newborns! One of the most disheartening things that a cat breeder can experience is the seemingly senseless deaths of newborn kittens who blindly cry and struggle to live while nothing we or our vets do can save them. Now there is an antibiotic that can save their lives.
    April 2020

  • Farewell Peter
    The cat fancy has lost Peter Romich of Grandaries Exotics who passed away last Sunday.
    January 2003

  • *Fever Coat
    Something cat breeders see on from time to time, especially on black kittens, is an unusual hair color change called 'Fever Coat'. What is it? Why does it happen? What can you do to change it? Learn the answers to these questions and more . . .
    October 2017

  • *Finding Your First Show Cat
    When getting started in the cat fancy, the first steps will involve purchasing foundation stock for one`s breeding and showing program. This is the best advice a newcomer to the cat fancy will ever receive concerning how to buy a first show cat!
    March 2019

  • First Time National Winning Owners
    Three members of our sister ezine,, have campaigned cats to the coveted National Winner title for the first time!
    May 2002

  • *Fish Amoxi For Cats
    A visit to your local pet store may hold the answer to an inexpensive, prescription-free source of amoxicillin for your cat.
    February 2004

  • *Fluff-Out
    Looking for a product to add volume to your cat`s coat? To keep the hair in place? To eliminate static? To add shine? You want Fluff-Out!
    April 2020

  • GC, NW Granddelight`s PJ of Mockingbird
    The popular theory is that a novice cannot make a major national win in CFA. Yet by the end of the 1996-97 show season, a cream and white female Persian from a relatively unknown cattery and campaigned by a novice in only her second year of showing was CF
    March 2001

  • Great Cat Toys, and they`re free
    The best toys in life are free!
    March 2017

  • *Grooming Emergencies
    When a grooming disaster occurs in the show hall, the smart exhibitor knows how to make unexpected repairs. This article will teach you everything you need to know to solve any grooming emergency.
    February 2016

  • *Grooming Sprays
    The right spray can be a great addition to your cat`s show grooming routine.
    June 2016

  • *Grooming The Red Cat
    This article discusses valuable grooming tips especially for the hottest of the feline colors the RED CATS. This includes all the red colors from pure, clear, solid red, through red tabby to flame points.
    March 2016

  • Halloween Safety
    It is Halloween time . . . and while you are buying the candy, designing a costume and carving the jack-o-lantern, don't forget to take a few minutes to make sure your cats are safe and protected.
    November 2016

  • *Horse Products For Your Cat
    Did you know that the folks who show horses have grooming products that work great on cats too?
    March 2019

  • *Hot Oil Treatment
    If your cat`s hair is dry, flyaway or brittle, a hot oil treatment may be just what is needed to put life and shine back in to the coat.
    April 2021

  • *How Do I Degrease My Cat?
    My cat is greasy! It`s one of the commonest complaints from groomers. Have you ever overheard a person say `so-and-so`s cat looks greasy`? Did you agree with their assessment? Did you know what to suggest to `fix` the problem? Now you will!
    March 2019

  • *How Long Should A Cat`s Breeding Career Be?
    At what age should a cat be retired from your breeding program?
    June 2021

  • *How To Tell A True Tabby
    Perhaps the single thing most newbies (and some not-so-new cat breeders) find confusing is understanding the issue of agouti and non-agouti tabbies. Learn how to tell whether YOUR tabby is a true agouti (or not) . . .
    November 2016

  • *I Love Vinyl Coated Wire Shelving: Part 1
    While other people install wire shelving in closets, a cat breeder can use it to construct kitten gates and window screen protectors.
    June 2022

  • *I Love Vinyl-Coated Wire Shelving: Part 2
    Detailed instructions on how to use inexpensive wire shelving to build a handy kitten pen and a complete indoor/outdoor enclosure.
    June 2022

  • I Resolve To Be a Better Cat Show Exhibitor
    In the spirit of making every minute count and enjoying life to the fullest, this year, I resolve to be a better cat show exhibitor.
    January 2016

  • *Infusium 23
    Great hair products to make your cat`s coat full, silky and shiny.
    October 2019

  • *Is My Queen Pregnant?
    There are several different methods of determining whether a cat is pregnant depending on how long it has been since she was bred. Learn the best and most accurate ways to tell if your queen is expecting kittens . . .
    September 2021

  • Karin
    Karin Jackson was the greatest friend of Household Pets in CFA. There will never be another like her.
    May 2003

  • *Kitten Back Contract
    Selling a kitten with a `Kitten Back` requirement in its contract can be a win-win situation for both the Buyer and the Seller... but a detailed contract is an absolute necessity to avoid misunderstandings.
    May 2019

  • *Kitten Buyer Visits 101
    Do you know how to take charge of the visit when buyers come to look at your kittens? Here are tips to have a happy and safe visit.
    May 2017

  • *Kitten Play Pen
    Converting a used baby play pen into a terrific, easy care kitten corral.
    June 2018

  • *Kitten Shopping List
    When a person reserves a kitten, one of the first things they should receive is a shopping list for their new baby.
    July 2018

  • *Kittens On Carpeting
    How do you raise a litter of kittens from birth to weaning on a carpeted floor?
    March 2017

  • *Labels on Your Shipping Carrier
    When shipping your cat, there are a few tips about labeling your carrier that may help your cat arrive quickly and safely to its destination.
    September 2016

  • *Lease Contract
    When leasing a cat, smart breeders have a detailed Lease Contract to prevent misunderstandings and false expectations.
    September 2019

  • *Leasing A Cat
    There are many situations in which two breeders may enter into a lease agreement - and the conditions can vary as widely as the people and their situations.
    July 2020

  • Lethal Lilies
    With the Easter holiday fast approaching, every cat owner must be alert to the fact that Easter lilies are toxic to cats.
    April 2004

  • *Light & Heat Cycles
    You can use light to encourage your female cat to come into season -- or to discourage her from cycling. This article tells you how.
    June 2022

  • Litter Options
    Eenie-meenie-minie-mo? Things about litter you really should know!
    October 2019

  • Lucy Rand: Animator Extrodinaire!
    Lucy is a cat lover - and an outstanding creator of cat animations!
    July 2002

  • *Magic Broth
    Every cat breeder needs to know how to prepare `magic broth`. Homemade broth is really very easy to prepare and can literally be a life-saver.
    April 2019

  • *Magnetic Bar
    A magnetic bar can be fastened to the wall to conveniently hold combs, brushes, scissors and nail clippers!
    November 2017

  • *Making Your Cat Photos Better
    There are several things you can do to make your photos look better before publishing them on your website.
    March 2018

  • Me or We
    A display of poor sportsmanship provides food for thought...
    August 2022

  • *Microchipping Your Cat
    Microchipping is a permanent, safe and affordable way of ensuring that your cats are individually identified.
    April 2017

  • My Philosophies
    The editor of, shares her personal life philosophies and illustrates how she has applied them to her involvement in the cat fancy.
    January 2009

  • Naming Your Cat
    Deciding on a unique name for your special kitty can sometimes be quite a task. Here`s some help!
    February 2002

  • New Season`s Eve
    As we begin the New Season, and look back upon the old, let`s pause a moment and make some resolutions...
    May 2001

  • New Year...
    As we enter 2006, take time to think about your goals and hopes for the new year...
    January 2006

  • New Year`s Resolutions 2003
    At a `Recovering From Too Much Holiday Eating` brunch, a group of friends gathered together and made a list of resolutions for the New Year.
    January 2003

  • Newbie 101: Research
    The second article in our series for Newbies... Tips for where a novice can begin to learn more about their breed, showing, breeding, grooming and the cat fancy.
    September 2001

  • *Out Damn Spot!
    Removing stains on white and bicolor cats is a constant challenge for exhibitors. There are a great number of 'tricks' and 'private formulas' that the best groomers use to prevent or eliminate stains, especially under the eyes... and this article shares them with you!
    June 2001

  • Packing With EW Grooming Powder to Reduce and Prevent Eye Staining
    Learn the best techniques for `packing` your cat`s eyes to prevent or reduce eye stains.
    June 2002

  • *Palpating For Kittens
    Learn how to palpate your queen to confirm pregnancy and count kittens. This is a useful skill for the modern cat breeder to develop!
    October 2020

  • Pebbles
    From major players in `Cats and Dogs` to supporting cast in `Austin Powers` pedigreed cats are gaining recognition as movie stars!
    August 2002

  • *Photo Fraud
    More and more, breeders are purchasing cats based solely on photos they see on the internet or receive by email. Caveat Emptor means you need to be aware of some changes that can be made to photos that are unethical.
    August 2020

  • *Photographing Your Cat
    Are you frustrated because the photographs of your kitten just don`t do it justice? Learn the secrets to taking better photos of your cat!
    April 2017

  • *Picking Up the Kitten
    Learn the best ways of making the process of picking up their new kitten easy for both the new owner and the breeder.
    July 2020

  • *Politics Part 2: What kind of show exhibitor are YOU?
    The second in a three-part series on politics work takes a look at how different exhibitors attempt to influence the judge
    August 2001

  • *Politics Part 3: Making Politics Work FOR You!
    The final article in our three-part series on how to make politics work for you instead of against you :-)
    August 2001

  • *Politics: Part One: The Art of Politics
    The first in a fascinating three-part series on how to make politics work for you instead of against you. Part One discusses the different types and styles of politics.
    July 2001

  • *Prenatal Care of The Pregnant Cat
    Before breeding your female queen, know the steps you should take to help her answer the extra demands a pregnancy and deliver a healthy litter.
    May 2019

  • *Pursuit of Excellence
    Being a breeder means developing an eye for a good cat and embarking on the pursuit of excellence.
    August 2005

  • Quilt Maker
    A talented quilt maker produces heirloom-quality quilts created especially for the pampered feline :-).
    November 2004

  • *Rating Your Kittens
    Every breeder wants to do an excellent job of rating the quality of the kittens they produce... but how?
    September 2022

  • *Record Keeping During The Campaign
    Get organized! Keeping a record of your cat`s show results will help you campaign better. See why.
    November 2003

  • *Refinement, Coarseness & Balance
    Understanding refinement, coarseness & balance, and how the three relate to the evaluation of a show cat is part of developing your `eye` for a good cat.
    June 2019

  • *Remaining Small
    How many cats is enough for a viable breeding progam? How many cats are too many?
    October 2002

  • *Removing a Retained Baby Tooth
    Occasionally a kitten`s baby tooth may not fall out when the permanent tooth comes in. To avoid ruining your kitten`s bite, you may need practice some feline dentistry.
    April 2020

  • *Runt of the Litter
    Why is there sometimes a smaller kitten in a litter? Can it be prevented? Will the kitten always be smaller?
    July 2015

  • *Scales For Weighing Kittens
    When you purchase a scale, there are certain features you need to consider in making a wise purchase.
    September 2021

  • *Selection & Care of Scissors
    A good pair of hair scissors will help you groom your cat to perfection. Learn how to select the best pair for your needs and how to care for them properly.
    July 2016

  • *Sexing A Kitten: Part 1
    Determining the sex of a newborn kitten is not always as simple as it sounds. See photos of young male and female kittens and learn what to look for.
    February 2020

  • *Sexing A Kitten: Part 2
    Due to popular demand, this article is a follow-up to Sexing Your Kitten, Part 1.
    February 2020

  • *Show Etiquette - Etiquette and Sportsmanship
    Etiquette and Sportsmanship are each basically defined by a set of (often unspoken) rules. This article discusses how to be a true winner no matter whether you cat wins a rosette or not.
    February 2001

  • *Show Etiquette At Ringside
    When we go to ringside, we not only want to behave politely, we must consider our behavior in light of the rules of good sportsmanship.
    February 2001

  • *Show Etiquette In Your Benching Area
    Ten things we can do to make the show hall a happier place to spend the weekend.
    June 2001

  • *Show Kitten Contract
    Special conditions may be part of the Show Kitten Contract so that both Buyer and Seller understand each other`s expectations.
    July 2021

  • *Show Report
    Learn how the experienced exhibitor gives a show report with easily understood details.
    November 2003

  • *Show? Breeder? Pet?
    Have you ever wondered exactly what `show quality` means? What`s the difference between a `show` kitten and a `top show` kitten? How is a show kitten different from a breeder/show kitten?
    June 2019

  • *Shy Show Kitty
    What can you do when your beautiful show cat is afraid or intimidated in the judging cage?
    August 2002

  • Special Needs Kittens
    Not every kitten is perfect. A `special needs` kitten may have a health problem, a behavior concern or even a disfigurement from an accident. Finding the right owner to love and care for such a kitten is a great responsibility
    August 2019

  • *Stolen Cat Photos
    It can be quite a shock to suddenly see a photo of one of your own cats on someone else`s website... and with them saying it is a different cat altogether!
    October 2018

  • *Stud Service Contract
    While most catteries are `closed`, there may be circumstances under which you decide to provide a stud service to another person`s female cat.
    July 2018

  • *Syringes You Should Own
    A selection of syringe in various sizes and types can help make the care and feeding of your kittens much easier.
    February 2022

  • *Tail Kinks
    In some, if not most breeds, a tail kink can end a cat`s show career. How does it affect its breeding possibilities?
    April 2020

  • Taste Test
    ShowCatsOnline recently participated in a small experiment for a local television show - it was a blind taste test of four brands of dry cat food... and here are the (surprising) results!
    October 2021

  • Tea Tree Oil Warning
    Tea Tree Oil poisoning have been reported in both cats and dogs when applied to the skin at too high a dose.
    August 2002

  • Teach Your Cat To Sit Up
    Having a cat that sits up on command is adorable - and will entertain your house guests and turn dog lovers into feline friends
    April 2004

  • Thoughts About The New Show Season
    The first day of a new show season is similar in spirit to New Year's Eve. The last year is done. Before us stretches a new season filled with possibilities...
    May 2022

  • *Tipping A Dilute
    Enhancing the ethereal beauty of the dilute colors of cats can often requires a special grooming technique called `tipping`.
    April 2003

  • *Training Your Show Cat
    Learn the tricks and tips you can use to help nurture a good show personality in your next kitten.
    May 2005

  • *Traveling Light
    Unless the Incredible Hulk is your travel companion, you may want to learn how to travel light when flying to a cat show.
    December 2017

  • *Tube Feeding Kittens Q & A
    This article answers the most common questions about tube feeding your kittens including which formula to give, how much to feed, how often to feed, how to sterilize your tubing and more.
    February 2022

  • *Tube Feeding Newborn Kittens
    Tube feeding can save your kitten's life. It is a skill that every cat breeder can learn. This article includes updated step-by step-instructions complete with detailed photographs and a video explaining exactly how to tube feed newborn kittens easily and safely.
    February 2022

  • *Turn a Pill Into a Liquid Medication
    Sometimes a medicine is available only as a pill or a capsule and for convenience it is better that it be in a liquid form for giving to a cat. Here`s how to do it.
    September 2016

  • Two Is Better Than One
    To lighten the load while keeping the cattery clean, learn how to incorporate the `two is better than one` system into your daily routine
    November 2020

  • *Unequal Pupils
    Unequal pupils is called Anisocoria and can be caused by a variety of conditions from trivial to life-threatening.
    March 2004

  • Update on Kittens Born With Twisted Legs
    Having a kitten born with twisted legs may be a more common occurance than breeders think. While it may look deformed, the kitten will grow up normally. See three cases with photos showing the changes possible.
    April 2002

  • GC, NW, BW Venizia RedSilver Surfer of Tiggerland
    GC, NW, BW Venizia RedSilver Surfer of Tiggerland, a cameo McTabby & white male Maine Coon, is CFA's Cat of the Year 2015. It is the first time in CFA's history that a Maine Coon is Cat of The Year . . . and the first time a cat from the International Division has risen to the top spot in CFA. This stunning Maine Coon is bred by Chuleeporn Namsiriwiwat and co-owned with Fion Cheng and Jimmy Lee. This is their story . . .
    May 2015

  • What is a Newbie?
    This is the first in a new series for Newbies... and about Newbies - Whether you are a Newbie or an `Oldie` you will want to be sure to check out this series and its many tips for learning and advancing in the cat fancy.
    September 2021

  • *Whiter Than White
    Look in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room for products to make your white cats whiter!
    November 2017

  • *Why I Weigh My Kittens
    Weighing your felines is an excellent "Early Warning System" for checking on the health of your kitties. Changes in weight can alert you to a problem long before any other symptom is apparent.
    April 2016

  • GC, NW Wild Rain Let's Dance of Dotdotdot
    CFA's Kitten of the Year for 2012-2013 is an Ocicat. This is the story of several catteries working together to produce a stunning kitten, and their journey together to the top of the standings in CFA . . .
    May 2013

  • *Your Campaign Book
    One of the things you will find very helpful to your campaign is having a method of keeping track of information.
    March 2001

  • *Your First Regional Campaign
    Your first campaign is exciting and maybe even slightly intimidating - but it may be easier than you think!
    November 2003

  • *Zithromax Dosages
    Zithromax is an excellent antibiotic choice for a variety of medical problems including URIs, Chlamydia and Bordetella.
    May 2002

  • *Zithromax Dosing Schedules
    Zithromax remains at effective levels in the cat for 3-5 days, so `Zith` can be given less often than is usual for an antibiotic and still be effective.
    May 2002


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