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  • GC, NW DotDotDot BornInTheUsa of Wild Rain
    CFA's Kitten Of The Year 2014 is the stunning chocolate spotted male Ocicat named GC, NW DotDotDot BornInTheUsa of Wild Rain, bred and owned by Roger & Nancy Brown and Carol & David Freels. This win makes it back-to-back years that an Ocicat is CFA's Best Kitten and perhaps it is no surprise since KOTY 2013 GC, NW Wild Rain Let's Dance of Dotdotdot was from the same team . . .
    May 2014

  • First Cat, Second Cat
    One of the first challenges for newbies entering the cat fancy is finding their first cat. Share one breeder`s positive experience about how she found her first show baby... and her second... and...
    June 2002

  • TICA International Winners 2002-2003
    The top cats in TICA for 2003!
    June 2003

  • TICA International Winners 2003-2004
    See who the top cats in TICA are for 2003-2004
    June 2004


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