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  • Ask The Expert: 1
    Topics covered include tongue tipping, bath manners, eye stains on a colored cat, goop, staining while eating, Himalayan coat darkens with age, cancer, flat chest, smells at the show, putting weight on your cat.
    January 2002

  • Ask The Expert: 2
    Topics covered include blowing coat, virgin male and female, bald ears, vaginal discharge, poor litter box habits, sloppy drinker, genetics help, chlamydia, monorchid male, food stains, caring for a show coat, tetracycline powder, tongue tipping, strange meow, show grooming.
    March 2002

  • Ask The Expert: 3
    Topics covered include Goop, leaving shampoo on the cat, URI carriers, growing back hair on an ear, showing a cat with a scar, CPC, small kittens, chocolate point, breeding a bi-color to a himalayan, Program injectible, urinating/defecating during bathing
    April 2002

  • Ask The Expert: 4
    Topics covered include shaving a pregnant mom, three week old kitten behaving oddly, what color is my cat, herpes, shaving before a HCM ultrasound, writer needs referral, signs of labor, head bumps, tear staining on a maltese dog, price of pet-quality him
    April 2002

  • Ask The Expert: 5
    Topics covered include itching and hair loss, vaginal discharge, blood in the stool, acne, squinting, sneezing, sculpting, swatting, eye and wound grooming powder, selling kittens, letting go, baytril, misaligned bite, heterozygous vs homozygous for SH Ex
    July 2002

  • Ask The Expert: 6
    Topics covered include did I let my cat down?, shy kittens, smokes, constipated cat, articles, breeding a white to a bi-color, price of a show kitten, too fat, tortie coloring, 7 months old and still nursing, 3000# on Himalayans, calici or h
    July 2002

  • Ask The Expert: 7
    Topics covered include cat chews my hair, milkweek poisoning, no papers, kitten with sucking habit, what color kittens will I get?, yellow vomit, flagyl for a nursing mom, older addition to the cat family, exotic LH or SH?, undescended testicle, unicorn h
    August 2002

  • Ask The Expert: 8
    Topics covered include breeding after fluconazole, cardiomyopathy, expiration of nebulizer medications, information about a rescue, male uninterested in breeding, reoccuring coccidiosis, how often to breed a female, inherited cats, kitten with domed head,
    August 2002

  • Ask The Expert: 9
    Topics covered include vaccinating a pregnant female, breathing problems, fleas, hair loss on ears, cream tabbies, registration papers, nursing kitten is vomiting, silent meow, shy stray, messy drinker.
    October 2002

  • Ask The Expert: 10
    Topics covered include kneading, bactroban, old age or ?, sucking, sporadic cough and congested chest, peeing inappropriately, introducing a new kitten to an older cat, being in season, scratching, hair loss.
    November 2002

  • Ask The Expert: 11
    Topics covered include sneezing following surgery, windy kitty, tapeworm, undescended testicle, diarrhea, inappropriate peeing, pulling out fur, best vaccine, cat eyesight, dry pads, FIP.
    January 2003

  • Ask The Expert: 12
    Topics covered include hyperthyroid and cancer, grinding teeth, licking, tongue hanging out, biting, gravol, wetting, sudden death, eye ulcers, tipping ears, prolapsed rectum, sleeping kittens, dewclaws, eye brows, cannibalism.
    February 2003


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