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GC, GPD, RW Beeblebrox Blairyummy Witcherryatop
Born: 10/6/2010
Calico Sphynx Spay
S: CH Grand Oray Pafos of Crbaldcats
D: CH Palomin Zabela

GC, RW D'Eden Lover Parti 4U of PinUpCats
Born: 4/4/2013
Calico Sphynx Female
S: GC Apriorinaked Matcho of D'Eden Lover
D: GC D'Eden Lover G Loverdose

GC, GPD, RW Gleadom's Kadin of Britzohoney
Born: 3/6/2006
Tortoiseshell Sphynx Spay
S: Gleadom's Ya Hootie
D: CH Gleadom's Sultana

GC, NW Kikapoo's Belle-Of-The Bald
Born: 3/12/2011
Calico Sphynx Female
S: GC, GP, NW PinUpCats Dark Side-Of-The-Moon
D: GC Mighty Meows Porn Star of Kikapoo

QGC LNCats Docks Foster
Born: 2/25/1999
Seal Mink & White Sphynx Male
S: Kittypen Dock
D: LNCats JJs Sassy

Myrosebud's Great Balls Of Fire
Born: 3/19/2003
Red McTabby Mink Sphynx Male
S: Classytouch Blackjack of Prophecy
D: Imperial Star Streaker Skineaker
GC, GP, BW, RW/TICA SGC RW PinUpCats Crush With Eyeliner
Born: 5/12/2008
Tortie & White Sphynx Female
S: CH Wannabenaked Dar Be No Fur
D: GC, GP, BW, NW PinUpCats Vision In Black & White, DM

GC, GP, NW PinUpCats Dark Side-Of-The-Moon
Born: 12/10/2009
Black & White Sphynx Neuter
S: RW SGC Nudistcamp Full Monty For Show
D: GC, GP, RW PinUpCats Crush With Eyeliner

GC, NW PinUpCats Supa Dupa Fly of Kuorii
Born: 5/5/2015
Black & White Sphynx Female
S: GC, RW PinUpCats Pirate Flag
D: Randdazzleme MyFairLady of PinUpCats

GC/TICA LA SGC Skeenville Bruce SpingSkeen
Born: 4/22/2011
Blue & White Sphynx Male
S: GC, GP, NW PinUpCats Dark Side-Of-The-Moon
D: Smoothies Nudie Garland

GC Suedekitty Lizzie of Emptynest
Born: 2/7/2004
Blue Sphynx Female
S: Gailray Shadowking of Suedekitty
D: CH Pretty Bald's A Lunatic of Suedekitty

GC, GP, RW Zork's Stars Black Beard
Born: 12/4/2011
Black Sphynx Neuter
S: GC, RW PinUpCats Pirate Flag
D: GC Zork's Stars Zinaida

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