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CFA GC/TICA IW SGC Ciara's Kahlua-N-Cream of Eastridge, DM
TICA's 17th Best Cat, 1982-83
Born: 6/30/1981
Chestnut Tortie Oriental Shorthair Female
S: DGC Ciara Macaroni N'Cheez
D: SGC Saang-Jahn Coffe-N-Cream

GP Coppercats Danuwa Analihi of Najo
Born: 8/30/2005
Ebony Silver Spotted Tabby Oriental SH Neuter
S: GC Sherona's Bingo of San-Toi
D: CH San-Toi's Liberty of Coppercats

GC, BW Crystabel Johnny Be Good
Born: 9/24/2004
Seal Lynx Point & White Oriental Longhair Male
S: Luvlypurr Ivy League of Crystabel
D: Je Ris I Feel Free of Crystabel

Crystabel Look of Love
Born: 12/18/2006
Seal Lynx Point Oriental Longhair Male
S: GC Crystabel Dream Lover of Balinan
D: Afamosa Managua of Crystabel

GPD, RW Kat-Tres Howiewood's Wizard-Of-Oz
Born: 7/2/2007
Ebony McTabby Oriental Shorthair Neuter
S: GC, RW Kat-Tres Borderlion of Howiewood
D: GC Kat-Tres Fay Wray, DM

GC, NW Kimeron's Blackberry of San-Toi
Born: 12/18/1986
Ebony Oriental Shorthair Female
S: GC San-Toi's Jedi Knight
D: GC San-Toi's Blackberry of Kimeron
GC, GP, NW Leggs Amapola of Mayflower
Born: 4/12/1989
Blue-Eyed White Oriental Shorthair Male
S: GC Leggs Solar
D: GC Petitfois Zarema of Leggs
GC, BW, NW Ogimi Dorian Gray
Born: 4/23/1981
Lavender Tabby Oriental Shorthair M
S: GC Singa Mikado of Fan-C, DM
D: GC Felitan Tabbyoca of Jenlyn, DM

BrzDblGC Robandi Finito
Born: 5/28/2008
Chocolate Oriental Shorthair Female
S: Bluelodge What A Sweety
D: Bluelodge Princess Emerald Royale

GC, NW Sand N' Sea Bikkuri of Jemwyck
CFA's 18th Best Cat, 1977-78
Born: 1/5/1977
Lavender Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair Female
S: CH Petmark Nescafe
D: Lolytin Danae of Sand N' Sea

GC, NW Webb-Barr's Beaux
Born: 6/14/1989
Silver Ticked Tabby Oriental Shorthair Male
S: CH Kiling's Kory
D: CH Felitan Chelsey of Webb-Barr
GP, NW Winterfrost Goblin
Born: 10/14/2002
Red McTabby Oriental Shorthair Neuter
S: GC, NW El-Dia's Wind Dancer
D: CH El-Dia Guinivere of Winterfrost, DM

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