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GPD, RW Birquest Journeybound
Born: 9/2/2012
Seal Point Birman Spay
S: GC Russpurrz Ahavah of Luv'nMittens
D: GC Birquest Halaya Malia

GC, BW, NW Bitaheaven Vandal
Born: 9/8/1998
Blue Point Birman Male
S: GC Bitaheaven Pabst Bleu Ribbon
D: GC Hurrah Sapphire of Bitaheaven

CH, GPD, RW Forevermore Fireworks of Kissyfurs
Born: 2/7/2008
Seal Point Birman Spay
S: CH Peloux Excalibur of Forevermore
D: GC Forevermore's A Kiss For Luck

EC Las Perlas-sin Luthien Tinuviel, DM
Born: 2/19/2000
Lilac Point Birman Female
S: IC Las Perlas-sin Troubadour
D: IC Las Perlas-sin Jazzy Lee

DGC Nichsa Trixie Doll
Born: 10/15/2002
Blue Point Birman Female
S: Platinum DGC Bindura Mr Uno
D: Platinum DGC Nicsha Pixie Doll

GC, NW Pleasantview Lalique of Windflower,
Born: 1/17/1988
Seal Point Birman Female
S: GC Pleasantview's Just A Gigolo of Birjan
D: GC Dunnydeer Fantasia of Pleasantview
GC, GPD, RW Quailridge's Kandy Kisses
Born: 11/10/2013
Seal Point Birman Spay
S: CH Florencia Ina Flash of Quailridge
D: GC Quailridge Il Mio Dolce Godiva

GPD, NW Sandesox Just Sweetness of Whitesox
Born: 8/17/2012
Blue Point Birman Neuter
S: GC Pixydust's Finding Nemo
D: GC Whitesox "Heap Big" Little Indian

GC, NW Shadowsnlace Nitro of Junsui
Born: 5/20/1990
Seal Point Birman Male
S: Luckylace's Kare Bear of Cincicatti
D: Chatoyance Jessica of Shadowsnlace, DM
GCD, RW Sun-Silk's In Luck
Born: 3/25/2011
Blue Point Birman Female
S: GC, GP, RW Sun-Silk's Gary
D: CH Ashi's Glinda of Sun-Silk

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