The Mouse Cannot Be Found

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Many cat owners are familiar with the average feline's fascination with the computer.

Whether trotting across the keyboard or enjoying a nap atop the warm monitor, a cat is often part of the computer experience.

Indeed, some cats may even think that the computer is their special domain. This can be confirmed if your computer starts to give you the following error message . . .

The Mouse cannot be found

The mouse you brought in from the garden is currently unavailable. The mouse might have hidden under the sofa, or you may need to adjust your hunting skills.

Please try the following:

  • Click the mouse.gif Catch New Mouse button, or try again later.
  • If you have decapitated and disemboweled the mouse and don't want your owner to tread on the remains, hide the evidence behind the sofa.
  • To update your Weapons of Mouse Destruction settings, click the Where's Mouse? menu, and then click Check Hidey Holes . On the Locations tab, select Under Cooker . These settings should correspond to where the mouse was last seen.
  • If your household has enabled it, your owner can automatically discover mouse when it runs across her foot. If you would like your owner to locate the mouse now,
    click Detect Settings Detect Mouse
  • If your owner has declared the house a No Scurry Zone, click the Tools menu, and then click on Evict Mouse . On the Advanced tab, scroll to the location the mouse was last seen and follow the instructions.
  • Click the cat.gif Blame button if you would like to blame the other cat for this mouse.


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