Black Panther Film Influences Cat Rescues

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Black cats have long endured an undeserved reputation for being unlucky.

With their dark reputation, black kittens are often the last to be adopted in a litter.

Even breeders of pedigreed cats report that the most difficult kittens to find new homes for are often the black ones.

But that may be changing — at least temporarily.

A cat rescue charity in the United Kingdom first reported a six percent jump in their adoption of black cats in the two weeks following the release of the block-buster film, Black Panther.

The superhero film marks the latest outing in the Marvel series and has been greeted with overwhelmingly positive reviews.

While it may be unrealistic to think that this upsurge in desirability of black kittens will have a lasting effect, it is heartening to know that at least for a little while, people may actually prefer to adopt their own little black panther when choosing a kitten to join their family.


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