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  • *C-Section Before & After Care
    Knowing how to best prepare your queen for a c-section and take care of her afterwards can make the difference between a queen who raises her litter on her own successfully or rejects it completely.
    November 2004

  • *C-Section Scenarios #1-#10
    When labor and delivery does not go normally, it can be an anguishing decision whether to schedule the mother-to-be for a c-section, or whether to wait and see if the queen can deliver naturally. Test your knowledge and instincts by deciding what you would do given specific birthing scenarios ...
    May 2016

  • *C-Section Scenarios #11-#20
    The response to the first article in this series was overwhelming - and so her are another 10 more real-life feline pregnancies for you to test your knowledge and instincts by deciding what you would do given specific birthing scenarios ...
    July 2009

  • *C-Sections & Your Veterinarian
    Every breeder should have a discussion with their veterinarian regarding their procedures should a cat need a c-section. Don't wait until a c-section is needed to find out your vet's views and techniques....
    April 2015

  • *Cage Materials: What type of material should your cattery cage be made from?
    Whether you are building your own cat cages or purchasing a commercial enclosure, choosing the right materials can make the difference between a cage that you and your cats love and a cage that is a disappointment.
    February 2013

  • *Cage Styles 1: Shape & Proportion
    Even if a breeder maintains their cats running loose in a home environment, there will always be circumstances under which a cat will need to be caged. This article discusses the advantages of the various shapes of cages that are available...
    September 2012

  • *Cage Styles 2: Size
    Once you choose the shape of cage for your cattery, next you need to decide on which size of cage best suits your cats' needs...
    September 2012

  • *Caging Mommy-To-Be
    Pregnant cats should be confined for their own safety and the safety of their newborns.
    March 2017

  • *Calcium for Your Pregnant Queen
    Calcium is an important and vital ingredient in the health of your breeding queen. Lack of calcium can actually lead to a nursing queen`s death. Understanding the role calcium plays will help you give her the best care possible while ensuring her a succes
    May 2015

  • *Calculating Grand Points in CFA
    Learn how to calculate the grand points your cat earns at a show in CFA.
    February 2002

  • *Calculating Regional & National Points in CFA
    Learn how to calculate your cat`s Regional/National points accurately - a necessary skill for anyone planning a show campaign.
    February 2002

  • Calico Genetics
    Calico cats are perhaps the most striking color of feline. Acclaimed author, Wendy Christensen, explains the genetics behind their beauty.
    February 2007

  • *Camera Features For The Cat Breeder
    Being able to take great photos of kittens-for-sale is an increasing need for every cat breeder . . . so what features should the cat breeder look for when choosing a digital camera?
    May 2018

  • *Campaign Goals
    Campaign goals should remain flexible - and you may have more options than you might think.
    July 2017

  • Campaign Myths
    If this is your first national campaign, you will want to know about the dreaded "Campaign Myths". . .
    September 2014

  • *Campaign Show
    What exactly is a campaign show anyway?
    September 2016

  • *Campaigning 101
    This is the first in a series of articles designed to help the exhibitor who would like to campaign their cat, or increase the possibility of a successful campaign while maximizing their enjoyment of the process.
    June 2001

  • *Campaigning A Kitten
    There is nothing quite like campaigning a kitten...
    June 2003

  • *Campaigning in Championship
    Perhaps the most prestigious National titles are those earned in Championship.
    June 2003

  • *Campaigning In Premiership
    The people who choose to campaign in Premiership are a very special breed of exhibitor.
    June 2003

  • *Campaigning: Choosing The Show
    One of the most vital skills a smart campaigner develops is choosing the `right` show for their cat.
    May 2003

  • *Campaigning: It`s A Numbers Game
    Campaiging is a numbers game. To be successful, it helps if you understand how to `read` the numbers.
    May 2003

  • *Campaigning: Making The Decision
    With your heart in your throat and stars in your eyes - you`ve made the big decision - You`re about to start on the campaign trail with your kitty... so now you need a PLAN!
    May 2003

  • *Campylobacter
    Campylobacter is a bacteria that can cause diarrhea. In cats, it is most often kittens that are seriously affected, especially during weaning. The diarrhea can be so debilitating, that it can be life-threatening in such young felines. This article discusses treatment options and how to eliminate campylobacter from your cattery . . .
    January 2014

  • *Cancer Warning Signs
    Recognizing the warning signs of cancer early can aid in early treatment and a more favorable diagnosis
    March 2007

  • *Cancer: One Cat`s Story
    A breeder shares how her use of natural herbs and homeopathic drugs helped to fight tumors and cancer in her kitten. Pau d`arco, red clover, essiac tea and shark cartilage were all products she used to help her cat.
    June 2001

  • *Cannibalism
    Few things are as upsetting and frightening to a breeder than a mother cat who inexplicably eats her newborns.
    September 2017

  • *Car Sickness & Your Cat
    A cat that becomes car-sick can be a real problem, whether you are an exhibitor driving to the cat show or the pet owner taking kitty on vacation. Learn what you can cure your feline its phobia around automobile travel . . .
    February 2016

  • *Cardboard Cat Chaise
    Most cats cannot resist the lure of an empty cardboard box. Now, you can turn a cardboard box into an elegant (sort of) chaise for your favorite feline to lounge upon...
    January 2009

  • *Care & Maintenance Of Your Kitten Buyer
    The best cat breeders create a sense of family with their kitten buyers. From the first inquiry to after a buyer takes their kitten home, this article outlines the steps and procedures you should implement that will help you develop a life-long relationship with each of your kitten buyers . . .
    August 2015

  • Care of Premature Kittens
    Learn the proper care of premature kittens to maximize their chances for survival...
    September 2014

  • *Care of the Senior Citizen Feline
    Our cats are living longer and healthier lives - and with this longevity comes increased health concerns.
    August 2003

  • Caring For A Kitten Born With A Twisted Leg
    ShowCatsOnline.com first published information about correcting the twisted leg of a newborn kitten in July, 2000. This updated article includes the latest treatment recommendations for contracted tendons in young kittens. . .
    August 2014

  • Cat Agility
    Move over puppy dogs! Cats are now entering the show ring in Agility!
    February 2004

  • Cat Attract Kitty Litter
    The single behavior problem that veterinarians are most asked about by pet owners is poor litter box habits.
    April 2004

  • *Cat Beds - Which Is Right For Your Cat?
    Are you aware of the huge variety of options there exists in cat bed styles?
    May 2017

  • *Cat Bite
    A cat bite should never be taken lightly.
    October 2003

  • Cat Clubs Around The World
    People who love cats and are passionate about their favorite breed of feline reach out to one another and form cat clubs around the world.
    September 2011

  • Cat Cottage
    Victoria Jeffers of Anjou Bengals shares her conversion of a garden playhouse into a luxury cat house for her Bengals.
    July 2016

  • Cat Do Control Humans, Study Finds
    If you've ever wondered who's in control, you or your cat, a new study points to the obvious. It's your cat....
    July 2009

  • Cat Door
    Doug Bolton gives his three cats a different way to appreciate the outdoors—but will they understand how to use this new entrance to go outside?
    August 2015

  • Cat Email Lists
    Cat-related email lists are part of the cat fancy and are here to stay. Which ones are the best to join?
    September 2002

  • Cat Email Lists `How To`
    No matter what your breed or area of interest, there is a cat email list for you! learn how to join and manage your cat email lists.
    November 2005

  • Cat Facts
    Hebrew folklore believes that cats came about because Noah was afraid that rats might eat all the food on the ark. He prayed to God for help. God responded by making the lion snort forth a giant sneeze -- and out came a little cat!
    July 2009

  • Cat Facts 2
    The most popular names for female cats in the U.S. are Missy, Misty, Muffin, Patches, Fluffy, Tabitha, Tigger, Pumpkin and Samantha.
    September 2009

  • Cat Facts 3
    The richest cat in the Guinness Book of World Records is a pair of cats who inherited $415,000 in the early '60s. The richest single cat is a white alley cat who inherited $250,000. (Now that will buy a lot of catnip!)
    September 2009

  • Cat Facts 4
    Your cat is probably either a "righty" or a "lefty." Only 40% of cats are ambidextrous while another 60% are either right-pawed or left-pawed.
    October 2009

  • Cat Facts 5
    Each year Americans spend four billion dollars on cat food. That's one billion dollars more than they spend on baby food!
    December 2009

  • Cat Fancy Is Born
    Over 400 years ago the first cat show was held in the town of Winchester, England with the winner being awarded the coveted title of `Best of Mouser`.
    February 2016

  • Cat FAQs
    Do you think you know a lot about cats? maybe... maybe not.
    February 2001

  • Cat Food 800 Numbers
    Regardless of which commercial cat food you choose, keep this handy list of free 800 numbers and links to websites in case you ever need to contact the manufacturer or find current information about their products.
    March 2009

  • Cat Food Comparisons
    Ingredients of popular brands of dry cat food are presented in a table to help you compare and choose the best food for your cat.
    July 2002

  • Cat Food Labels
    Knowing what to look for on the label of your cat food will help you choose the right brand for your cat.
    February 2014

  • Cat Gets a Second Chance
    The true story of a crippled kitty and a soft-hearted veterinarian.
    December 2001

  • *Cat Grass
    Cat grass is a plant product which is grown for the specific purpose of giving cats a live plant to munch on if they desire.
    January 2012

  • *Cat Nanny
    Sooner or later, most cattery owners will have to leave the care of their cats in someone else`s hands. Where do you find that special someone to trust?
    December 2015

  • Cat Out!
    Do you know what you should do if your hear the call "Cat out!" in the show hall?
    November 2014

  • Cat Poop Cookies
    Okay... if you just learned all about reading cat poop like a deck of tarot cards, you might as well learn how to make cat poop cookies too :-).
    July 2003

  • Cat Registries Worldwide
    This article contains a list and links to websites to help you navigate the various cat registries around the world...
    February 2011

  • *Cat Scratch Disease / Fever
    Previously known as Cat Scratch Fever, the renamed Cat Scratch Disease is a potential problem of which all cat owners should be aware . . .
    March 2014

  • Cat Show Entry Fees
    With the increasing costs of putting on a show, many cat clubs feel forced to raise their entry fees to cover costs. Is this the best move for the struggling club to take?
    October 2013

  • Cat Show Etiquette
    An experienced exhibitor shares her thoughts on what constitutes good cat show etiquette
    May 2007

  • *Cat Show Titles
    Most cat registries have different titles, or similar titles but with different qualifications. This article includes a handy chart listing the various registries, their titles, and the sequence or qualification necessary before a cat is awarded the title....
    August 2009

  • *Cat Showing Philosophy
    Do you have a philosophy to help guide you through the experience of cat showing?
    February 2006

  • *Cat Spa
    Follow the construction of an outdoor cat enclosure.
    September 2006

  • Cat Toy Warning
    Your cat may love his favorite mouse toy... but his favorite toy can also be lethal.
    June 2002

  • *Cat Treats: Choosing The Best One For Your Feline
    Most cat owners enjoy giving their favorite feline an occasional treat, but which treat is right for your cat?
    July 2007

  • Cat-Proofing The Christmas Tree
    Sadly, my plan for the Christmas tree is often at odds with my cat`s plan?
    December 2012

  • *The Catnap
    Cats are so good at sleeping that the term "catnap" has become part of our language that refers to any time a person or animal enjoys a quick snooze. Explore why cats are so good at sleeping . . .
    February 2016

  • Cat's Pupils
    Have you ever wondered why a cat's eyes contract to a vertical slit instead of a circle?
    April 2016

  • *Cat-Proofing Window Screens
    Warm weather often means opening windows to let in the fresh air, but you cannot rely on standard window screens to stop a determined cat from responding to the call of the great outdoors . . . or to prevent a love-sick outdoor feline from trying to beak in to romance your girls. Learn some of the tricks you can use to keep your cats safe.
    June 2016

  • Catalogue Supply Companies
    Whether you need vaccines, meds, grooming supplies or cages, here is a list of some great supply companies on the web.
    September 2002

  • *Cataracts In A Cat
    Cataracts of all types are relatively rare in cats however modern veterinary care and better nutrition has increased the lifespan of our cats. As a result of living longer, feline cataracts are becoming more frequently diagnosed.
    June 2013

  • *Catnip Response
    Some cats are eager when catnip is offered and seem to revel in its effects. Other cats may appear to avoid it, despite prior displays of catnip sensitivity. Why?.
    April 2017

  • CatPedigrees Welcomes A New Abyssnian and Japanese Bobtail Database
    Gary & Diane Hoffman, of Heru Abyssinians, and Kendall Smith, of Kenipurr Abyssinians and Japanese Bobtails, have generously donated their database which is now available on the searchable pedigree website, CatPedigrees.com!
    November 2007

  • Cats & Dogs: Getting Along in the Spirit of the Yuletide
    There are 5 things a cat and a dog need in order to build a happy relationship.
    December 2001

  • *Cats and Babies
    Despite the old wives tales, cats and babies are not and should not be mutually exclusive to one another...
    July 15

  • *Cats Are Not Dogs
    Although they have many things in common, sometimes what is true for dogs is decidedly not true for cats. Most importantly, some of the differences can be life-threatening . . .
    October 2014

  • Cats Can Learn To Talk Dog
    According to a study, if a kitten under 6 months of age is adopted first, then introduced to a puppy under a year old, there is a high probability that the two will get along beautifully...
    November 2008

  • Cats Earn Frequent Flyer Miles on Continental
    Continental Airlines awards frequent flyer miles to cats who fly in cargo while traveling with their owners.
    April 2003

  • *Cats Shouldn`t Be Fed Dog Food
    The nutitional requirement of cats are quite different from those of their canine counterparts.
    November 2006

  • Cattery Listing Services
    A look at some of the sites online that have cattery listings
    August 2005

  • *Cattery Management Styles
    Whether just purchasing your first cats and setting up your cattery, or whether you have been breeding and showing for some time and need to adjust to increasing numbers, tweaking your cattery management style is a constant process. This article will help you evaluate and make some of those decisions....
    September 2015

  • Cattery Visit by a Judging Applicant
    What better way for new judges to learn about a breed than with a one on one, relaxed visit in a breeder`s home with the opportunity to handle cats?
    July 2002

  • *Cat`s Golden Years
    Understand the health and behavioral problems most common to cats as their enter their golden years
    March 2007

  • *Cat`s Tongue
    The unique anatomy of the feline tongue is responsible for its sandpaper texture and exceptional sense of taste.
    June 2006

  • *Causes of Excessive Tearing
    Understanding the causes of excessive tearing is the first step in managing the problem.
    August 2007

  • *Causes Of Stress In Your Cattery
    Whatever triggers a stress reaction in a cat can actually cause physical changes that affects the cat's overall health. Keeping stress at a minimum in your cattery will benefit both your cats and your breeding program.
    July 2013

  • GC Cedar Valley Truffles
    This is the story of a little black Persian kitten who battled her way into the world, fought her way past setback after setback, and eventually fulfilled her Grand destiny at five and a half years of age.
    March 2001

  • *Cephalexin
    Cephalexin is a good broad spectrum antibiotic commonly used in veterinary practice. Learn about its uses, dosing information and precautions.
    April 2005

  • Ceylon's Wand-erland
    Chasity Radar is a retired Persian breeder who handcrafts and personalizes the most amazing cat teasers. If you are looking for something special for yourself, or your kitty or to give as an incredible Christmas gift, come take a step into the wand-erful world of Ceylon's Wand-erland.
    November 2015

  • CFA Premiership Show Counts
    Complete show counts for each year are analyzed in 3 tables showing the premiership counts for the year sorted from highest to lowest counts, divided state-by-state and week-by-week. These articles provide vital information to help you reach your campaign goals!

  • CFA / Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter International Cat Show 2015
    CFA President, Mark Hannon, shares his thoughts about CFA's premier show event for 2015 — The Cat Fanciers' Association / Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter International Championship Cat Show . . .
    December 2015

  • CFA Breed Winners
    Are you a student of your breed? Read the article that lists all the Breed Winners in your breed since CFA started awarding the BW title.

  • CFA Breed Winners 2016-2017
    Here are the top three cats in each breed in CFA for the show season 2016-2017.
    June 2017

  • CFA Championship Show Counts
    If you are planning on campaigning a cat in Championship this season, this is THE information you will need to maximize your chances of success. All the show counts for each year are listed in a 3 separate tables sorted three ways: from highest to lowest counts; divided state-by-state; and week-by-week : plus the highest count shows you need for a national campaign are all highlighted! There is EVERYTHING you need to plan your cat's campaign.

  • CFA Championship Show Counts Analyzed 2016
    If you are planning on campaigning a cat in Championship this season, this is THE information you will need to maximize your chances of success. The article includes 3 separate tables showing the championship counts for all the shows sorted three ways: from highest to lowest counts; divided state-by-state; and week-by-week — plus the highest count shows you need for a national campaign are all highlighted!
    May 2016

  • CFA Championship Show Counts Analyzed 2017
    If you are planning on campaigning a cat in Championship this season, this is THE information you will need to maximize your chances of success. The article includes 3 separate tables showing the championship counts for all the shows last season sorted three ways: from highest to lowest counts; divided state-by-state; and week-by-week — plus the highest count shows you need for a national campaign are all highlighted!
    June 2017

  • CFA Distinguished Merit (DM) Cats in Each Breed
    This is a collection of articles listing every cat in a specific breed that has earned the prestigious breeding title of Distinguished Merit (DM) in CFA.

  • CFA Grands Of Distinction
    This series of articles lists all the cats in CFA that have earned the title of Grand of Distinction, divided by breed. Each article includes a photo of one of the first winners of the title for its breed.

  • CFA International Show Results
    The results of every CFA International show since 2000.

  • CFA International Show Results 2015
    CFA’s largest cat show of the year was held in Pennsylvania on November 21-22, 2015. With over 700 entries, the top cat was a male Manx named GC, RW Briar-Mar's Good To Be Me. The 1st and 2nd runners-up were both kittens — an Ocicat named DotDotDot's Sam I Am and a calico Persian, Astral Charm's 5th Element . . .
    December 2015

  • CFA International Show Results 2016
    CFA’s largest cat show of the year was held in Michigan on November 10-20, 2016. With over 500 entries, the top cat was GP, NW Cinema's Liberace of Calcat, a copper-eyed white Persian neuter. See more results from CFA's most prestigious cat show.
    December 2016

  • CFA International Show Results 2017
    An adorable dilute calico Persian kitten, Velvetkist Don't Touch My Tutu, was named Best in Show at CFA`s International Cat Show 2017.
    November 2017

  • CFA Kitten Show Counts
    This is THE information you will need to campaign your special kitten this season. Here is a complete collection of articles that analyze the show counts in CFA for every show, year-by-year, weekend-by-weekend, state-by-state, for each year since 2002. Learn how to run a smart and successful campaign.

  • CFA Kitten Show Counts Analyzed 2016
    Here is THE information you will need for campaigning your special kitten this season. The article includes 3 tables with kitten counts sorted from highest to lowest counts, divided state-by-state and also week-by-week — everything you need to strategize for a national campaign.
    May 2016

  • CFA Kitten Show Counts Analyzed 2017
    Here is THE information you will need for campaigning your special kitten this season. The article includes 3 tables with kitten counts of last season sorted from highest to lowest counts, divided state-by-state and also week-by-week — everything you need to strategize for a national campaign.
    June 2017

  • CFA Litter Registrations: 2001 Compared to 1991
    Litter registrations in CFA from 1991 to 2001.
    March 2002

  • CFA National Winners
    This series of articles list all the national winners in CFA for each show season.

  • CFA National Winners 2015-2016
    The season is over and CFA's national winners in Championship, Kittens & Premiership for 2015-2016 are now official!
    May 2016

  • CFA National Winners 2016-2017
    The season is over and CFA's national winners in Championship, Kittens & Premiership for 2016-2017 are now official!
    May 2017

  • CFA National Winners in Each Breed
    Check out the article that lists all the National Winners in your breed in CFA.

  • CFA Premiership Show Counts Analyzed 2016
    We can't forget the Premiership cats! This article also includes 3 tables showing the premiership counts for all shows - sorted from highest to lowest counts, divided state-by-state and week-by-week — plus the counts you need for a national campaign are highlighted in pink.
    May 2016

  • CFA Premiership Show Counts Analyzed 2017
    We can't forget the Premiership cats! This article also includes 3 tables showing the premiership counts of last season for all shows sorted from highest to lowest counts, divided state-by-state and week-by-week — plus the counts you need for a national campaign are highlighted in pink.
    June 2017

  • CFA Regional Winners
    A collection of articles listing the CFA Regional Winners for each year for each region.

  • CFA Regional Winners 2015-2016
    Congratulations to the CFA Regional Winners in Championship, Kittens and Premiership for the 2015-2016 show season . . .
    May 2016

  • CFA Regional Winners 2016-2017
    Congratulations to the CFA Regional Winners in Championship, Kittens and Premiership for the 2016-2017show season.
    June 2017

  • *CFA Show Count Search
    Have you ever wondered what the counts were for a show last year? Or the year before that? Or before that? Now you can find the counts for a specific show for all shows it has held since May 2002!
    September 2008

  • CFA Show Counts
    Articles detailing and analyzing show counts for every show in CFA year-by-year since 2004. This is the information you need to plan and strategize your next campaign. There are separate articles analyzing the counts for Kittens, Championship & Premiership.

  • *CFA Show Counts 2015-2016
    This article contains a table with the Kitten, Championship & Premiership counts from every show of the 2015-2016 season in CFA, divided by LH, SH and AB numbers. THIS is THE information you need to formulate a winning show strategy for campaigning this show season.
    May 2016

  • *CFA Show Counts 2016-2017
    This article contains a table with the Kitten, Championship & Premiership counts from every show of the 2016-2017 season in CFA, divided by LH, SH and AB numbers. THIS is THE information you need to formulate a winning show strategy for campaigning this show season.
    May 2017

  • CFA Show Rules & CFA Breed Standards
    An owner tells of her experience campaigning a minority color kitty with attitude.
    May 2008

  • CFA Telephone Directory
    Fill out an online form and be included in the CFA Telephone Directory for 2004
    September 2003

  • CFA Top Three Cats in Each Breed
    A separate article for each show season listing the top three cats in each breed.

  • CFA's Top Breed Winners 2015-2016
    Here are the top three cats in each breed in CFA for the show season 2015-2016.
    May 2016

  • CFF Parade of Perfection
    A collection of articles that list the top cats in the CFF Parade of Perfection divided by each show season since 2001.

  • CFF Parade of Perfection 2014-2015
    We are happy to present the top cats for 2014-2015 in CFF, the Cat Fanciers' Federation, Inc
    July 2015

  • *Changing Foods
    If a breeder decides to change their cats diet, care must be taken not to upset the feline digestive system
    September 2005

  • Changes In The Requirement To Earn The Title Of Chamion Or Premier In CFA
    A new rule regarding how cats in the Open class in CFA will earn the title of Champion or Premier will make showing much more equitable...
    February 2011

  • Chartreux Breed Winners In CFA
    These are the top Chartreux that have earned the title of Breed Winner for each show season in CFA ...
    August 2009

  • Chartreux DMs
    Chartreux who have earned the breeding title of Distinguished Merit
    October 2006

  • Chartreux Grands of Distinction in CFA
    The first and only Chartreux to earn the titleof Grand of Distinction is GC, GPD, BW, NW Janvier's Baguette, a Chartreux Spay, bred by S Ferguson and D & MA Sweeters, and owned and shown by Donald & Mary Ann Sweeters.
    February 2017

  • Chartreux National Winners
    The winningest Chartreux in CFA History
    June 2005

  • Checking for HCM
    The best way to check your cat for the heart problem called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (or HCM) is by having an Ultrasound performed. This painless test is performed by a specially trained vet - an ultrasonagrapher.
    October 2002

  • *Cherry Eye
    Although more common in dogs, Cherry Eye or prolapse of the gland of the third eyelid, is a serious condition that occurs occasionally in cats..
    December 2006

  • *Chew Toys For Cats
    You may think only puppies and dogs need to have a chew toy — but you would be wrong. Some cats like to chew too, but you want to be careful what type of chew toys you give yo your kitty with an oral fixation . . .
    June 2014

  • Children At The Cat Show
    Learn some tips on how to give a child visitor to the cat show a good impression of the cat fancy and breeders . . .
    September 2015

  • *Chin Acne and Stud Tail
    Learn the best treatments to eliminate these irritating skin conditions
    December 2001

  • *Chin Dirt
    Black specks on a cat`s chin are not actually `dirt`.
    February 2007

  • IW SGC Chisholmtrail Zeus of Dreamfinder
    TICA's 21st Best Kitten and 24th Best Cat for 2012-2013 is a Chocolate Silver Spotted Tabby Ocicat male named after the Greek Father of Gods. IW SGC Chisholmtrail Zeus of Dreamfinder lived up to his name and more, bringing laughter and delight to his owner, Debbie Prince and her family . . . This is Zeus' & Debbie's story . . .
    August 2013

  • *Chlamydia
    Chlamydia is a common cause of conjunctivitis in cats. Learn how to recognize and treat this bacterial infection.
    April 2002

  • *Chocolate
    While chocolate may be a yummy treat to the average human, it can be toxic to your favorite feline.
    November 2006

  • *Chocolate Is Bad For Cats
    Yummy chocolate! It`s a staple treat in most households for the holidays... but it can be toxic, even lethal, to the family cat. And some chocolate poses a greater danger than others.
    December 2007

  • Choosing a Cattery Name
    Choosing the perfect cattery name is part of the fun and excitement of taking your first steps along the road to being a breeder.
    September 2016

  • *Choosing A Cattery To Buy From
    You have decided you want to buy a special show kitten. Which cattery should you be purchasing from?
    June 2016

  • *Choosing A Handheld Shower Sprayer For Bathing Your Cat
    Whether you are bathing your cat at home or in your hotel room before the show, you need a good handheld shower spray to get the job done right. Learn how to choose the right sprayer for your cat's needs . . .
    September 2015

  • *Choosing A Microscope
    An inexpensive student-quality microscope is a smart addition to the cat breeder's medical chest. It can be used to identify parasites such as Coccidia, Giardia, Tritrichomonas foetus and even ringworm.
    November 2010

  • *Choosing A Stethoscope For A Cat Breeder
    Knowing how to use a stethoscope is a simple and useful skill every cat breeder can learn, and purchasing a stethoscope is not an expensive proposition. Here is how to pick the best stethoscope to suit the needs of a cat breeder.
    September 2010

  • *Chris Christensen Grooming Products
    Although more known as grooming products for dogs, the cat exhibitor can also use this line of shampoos and conditioners to improve their feline's show presentation ...
    January 2010

  • *Chronic Diarrhea
    Feline chronic diarrhea can be one of the most frustrating problems faced by a cat owner.
    March 2006

  • *Cidofovir Eye Drops
    Because Cidofovir drops only require twice daily dosing, it offers a clear advantage over other topical antiviral eye drops that need to be applied much more often.
    January 2015

  • Cinder's Legacy
    Following the loss of a treasured cat, destiny seemed to lead a cat fancier and her husband in a unique direction...
    December 2007

  • *Clavamox
    Clavamox is a penicillin-like broad spectrum antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections caused by susceptible organisms
    March 2007

  • *Claws
    All you wanted to know about claws but were afraid to ask...
    July 2004

  • *Cleaning A Carpeted Cat Tree
    Don't be intimidated by the challenge of cleaning a carpeted cat tree. Even the dirtiest cat tree can be made to look almost brand new ...
    July 2009

  • *Cleaning Litter Boxes
    While cleaning the litter box is arguably the least enjoyable part of cat ownership, there are ways to make the job easier, especially in a cattery situation...
    September 2011

  • *Clearing A Newborn Kitten's Airway
    A kitten may have amniotic fluids in its mouth and nose directly at its birth. It is essential that these fluids are cleared from the newborn's airways in order for it to breathe. Learn the techniques to clear the kitten's airways through a series of photos and instructions.
    July 2016

  • *Cleft Palate in a Newborn Kitten
    The most common birth defect in cats is a cleft palate. There are some things you can do to reduce your chances of producing a kitten with this problem.
    February 2002

  • *Clicker Training The Aggressive Cat
    Clicker training offers you an effective communication tool to use with your cat. You can click and reward for subtle behaviors you normally wouldn’t be able to acknowledge. This can be particularly helpful when dealing with an aggressive cat.
    October 2016

  • *Clindamycin
    Clindamycin is a narrow range pet antibiotic most commonly used in the treatment of soft tissue infections, dental infections and bone infections caused by susceptible strains of bacteria.
    April 2007

  • *Clipnosis
    Clipnosis is a handy tool for the safe and effective handling of a cat — whether to make grooming procedures easier or performing minor veterinary procedures. Learn more about this technique . . .
    April 2016

  • *Clipper Blades: Choosing the Right One For The Job
    Learn how to choose the correct clipper blade for the haircut you want to give your favorite feline.
    September 2003

  • *Clippers: Their Selection and Care
    Clippers are one of the most expensive grooming tools you will purchase for your cats. Choosing the right one and learning how to care for it is a wise investment.
    August 2003

  • *Clipping Teeth
    Occasionally as a kitten grows, its jaw will go `off` ... and it`s bite will be crooked. While this often corrects with time, the kitten`s baby canine teeth can prevent or interfere with the re-alignment process. There is an answer to the problem - clipping the canines.
    April 2002

  • *Clipping Your Cat`s Nails
    Regular clipping of your cat`s nails is an important part of its grooming routine.
    December 2005

  • *Closed Pyometra
    One of the most serious health problems that can occur in a female breeding cat is if she develops a closed pyometra. Learn more about this life-threatening condition . . .
    March 2014

  • *Clown Makeup
    Kittens have an intrinsically clownish nature that is much appreciated by their owners. But clowning-around isn't the only thing a cat might share with those classic buffoons of the circus... Some show cats have been known to wear clown makeup!
    February 2011

  • GC, BW, NW Clowntown’s Shining Silver Mystery
    CFA's 12th Best Cat In Championship for 2013-2014 is a stunning shaded silver American Shorthair appropriately named GC, BW, NW Clowntown’s Shining Silver Mystery, bred and owned by Howard Webster. This unusually colored American Shorthair is a history-maker in his breed. This is his story . . .
    June 2014

  • *Club Soda
    Club Soda can be used to reduce or remove both tear and urine stains in all colors of cats.
    July 2005

  • *Co-Ownership of a Cat
    Of course there may be many reasons why two or more people decide to co-own a kitty, however there are 5 main reasons for co-ownership of a cat. It is a smart move to understand the pros and cons in any co-ownership situation.
    January 2001

  • *Coccidia: A New Treatment
    Coccidia are parasites that can cause mild to severe diarrhea. In worse cases, in young kittens, coccidiosis can be life-threatening. Learn about the latest treatment available.
    August 2001

  • *Coccidiosis in Cats
    Coccidiosis is a parasitic infection that causes severe diarrhea, especially in weaning kittens or debilitated adult cats. In some cases, coccidiosis can cause death, especially in young kittens. This article explains the current treatment options and an effective way to prevent future infections of coccidia in your cattery.
    December 2014

  • Code of Sportsmanship
    Sportsmanship is defined as behavior conforming to the rules and proper spirit of a sport. Does the cat fancy need an official Code of Sportsmanship?
    August 2008

  • *Coffee Filter Bib
    A bib can be an essential tool for keeping your immaculately groomed cat in purr-fect condition. An easy and inexpensive bib can be made from a simple coffee filter. Learn how . . .
    February 2017

  • *Colloidal Silver
    Could this often controversial alternative medicine have a place in your cat's health care? Read more to find out...
    September 2011

  • Color Charts
    Each article features a chart detailing a different color combination of sire and dam and the color of kittens they will produce when bred together.

  • Color Inheritance In Cats
    Every cat breeder needs to understand color inheritance. This series of articles will teach you the basics so that you can decide on pairings of cats parent that will produce kittens in your preferred colors.

  • *Colorbred
    Do you know the meaning of the word "colorbred" as it applies to the world of cat breeding? Learn more about this breeding term and the philosophy behind it...
    March 2012

  • *Colored Grooming Powder
    Colored powders and chalks can be used to fine tune your cat's show presentation — but they must be applied properly and discreetly. Learn more.
    July 2017

  • Colorpoint Shorthair Breed Winners In CFA
    Enjoy a list of each show seasons winningest Colorpoint Shorthair in CFA ...
    November 2009

  • Colorpoint Shorthair DMs
    Colorpoint Shorthairs who have earned the breeding title of Distinguished Merit
    January 2006

  • Colorpoint Shorthair National Winners
    The winningest Colorpoint Shorthairs in CFA History
    November 2004

  • *Colostrum
    A newborn kitten's first milk provides more than simple nutrition - it is critical in providing it with passive immunity to disease and infection for the first weeks of its life.
    February 2015

  • *Common Drugs & Their Dosages
    Here is a handy chart with the use and dosages of many of the most common drugs that a cat breeder should have in their favorite medical kit ...
    September 2009

  • Companion Air
    A new airline in the United States will cater to people traveling with their pets.
    March 2003

  • Comparing Cat Registry Numbers
    How many cats were registered in CFA, TICA and GCCF in the past few years? Which cat registries are growing in popularity? Which are declining?
    November 2005

  • Comparing CFA and TICA
    CFA and TICA are two of the most popular cat registries in the world. Many breeders register and show their cats in both organizations. Learn the differences you need to know between the two organizations . . .
    May 2015

  • *Comparison of Flea Medications
    The weather is warming up! And even indoor cats may have to contend with a problem with fleas. What is the best option to prevent these little pests from camping out on your cat`s body?
    May 2002

  • Composting Your Cat Litter
    Rather than just dumping your used cat litter into the garbage, filling up the landfills, consider recycling your litter into compost. What better way to combine a love of cats with a love of gardening!
    April 2009

  • *Compounding A Medication In Butter
    As a cat breeder, it is not usual to purchase medications in larger formulas rather than individual dosages to save money. The only catch is that the buyer must then divide the larger dosage into smaller cat-sized doses. While this can be done in several ways, mixing the medication in butter is a convenient and tasty method. Here's how to do it...
    September 2016

  • *Compounding Medications
    For the cat owner, learning how to compound medications can save money and make medicating a cattery easier. With a little care and information, anyone can learn this simple skill...
    September 2016

  • *Compounding Pharmacies for Cats
    A compounding pharmacy specializes in preparing customized medications for patients. In recent years, compounding pharmacies have grown in popularity and are now offering their services to animal patients too. Learn more . . .
    December 2015

  • *Conditioning Bath
    Knowing when, why and how to give the perfect conditioning bath will prepare your cat`s coat for the show bath that will produce the perfect results.
    September 2015

  • *Congenital Birth Defects
    Do you know the meaning of "congenital"? Which are the most common birth defects in cats? Do you know what causes congenital defects in kittens? Learn the answers to these questions and more...
    February 2009

  • *Conjunctivitis
    Conjunctivitis is a common problem of the eye in cats. Learn how to treat it and the concerns is may create in a cattery situation.
    April 2018

  • Connie Stewart, CFA's Iconic Campaigner
    CFA has lost a legend with the passing of the incomparable Connie Stewart of Wishes Persians. Connie carved her mark in the history books of CFA by showing cats that earned a total of 45 national titles . . . and in the process she left her imprint in the hearts of fanciers around the globe. This is her story . . .
    January 2016

  • *Consider The Source
    The internet makes it easier then it has ever been for people to share suggestions regarding problems from the most basic to the most complex. It is now even more important to consider the experience, wisdom and personal agenda of the person giving you the advice.
    March 2004

  • *Constipated Kitten
    Constipation can be a serious problem, especially in a young kitten. Learn what to look for and the treatment options you may need to consider...
    January 2008

  • *Constipated Newborn
    Constipation can be lethal in a newborn kitten. Lean the signs to watch form and how to help a newborn eliminate if it is suffering from constipation.
    September 2010

  • Contracted Tendons
    It can be very disturbing when a kitten is born with what appears to be one or more deformed legs. Often, the cause of the abnormality is contracted tendons—a condition which causes the leg to be stiff and/or twisted. Fortunately, contracted tendons can be corrected with physiotherapy before the kitten is walking. Learn more . . .
    August 2014

  • Contracted Tendons of the Front Leg
    Born with seemingly deformed front legs, this kitten and his breeder team together to work a miracle.
    November 2002

  • *Contracts
    Every breeder needs to have a simple sales contract for the protection of their kittens. What should your contract include?
    August 2003

  • *Controlling Gossip
    You will never be able to control all of what other people say about you, but there are steps you can take to take control of gossip if you become a target ....
    February 2010

  • *Controlling Static
    If you have had a problem with static in your cat`s coat, it`s time for you to anticipate the problem and begin to take steps to avoid it. Learn about some of the options and products available for you to correct the problem of flyaway coat.
    December 2016

  • *Convenia
    Convenia is an injectable antibiotic that in one shot can take the place of giving an oral antibiotic for twice a day for 14 days. Learn more...
    March 2012

  • *Cool Summer Treats For Your Cat
    There is no reason your favorite kitty cannot enjoy a cool treat when the heat of summer is blazing. While ice cream isn't good for a cat, there are simple cold treats you can give your kitty instead.
    July 2014

  • Coop Cup
    A breeder shares the story of how a simple coop cup can be used to keep a stud cat's food high and dry.
    October 2008

  • *Core Vaccinations For Your Cat
    "Core" vaccines are those vaccinations that every cat needs to be given to protect it from common, infectious feline diseases.
    October 2015

  • *Corneal Sequestrum
    A Corneal Sequestrum is a condition of the cornea that only occurs in cats.
    June 2003

  • Cornish Rex Breed Winners In CFA
    A list of the winningest Cornish Rex in CFA - those that earned the title of Breed Winner
    December 2008

  • Cornish Rex DMs
    Cornish Rex who have earned the breeding title of Distinguished Merit
    August 2005

  • Cornish Rex Grands of Distinction in CFA
    In 2011, CFA instituted a brand new title — the Grand of Distinction. The first Cornish Rex to earn this title was CH, GPD, RW Kimo's Lucky, a Gold-Eyed White Cornish Rex Neuter, bred by Bonnie & George James, and owned and shown by Kendall Mar & Terri Zittel.
    November 2016

  • Cornish Rex National Winners
    The winningest Cornish Rex in CFA History
    May 2004

  • *Coronavirus
    The feline coronavirus and its connection to feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) may be one of the most misunderstood relationships in the cat fancy....
    March 2015

  • *Corral Those Kibbles!
    Are you tired of stepping on a stray cat kibble when you walk across the kitchen floor? Are you frustrated by the amount of kibble spilled from the cat dish that you have to sweep up and throw away? Here's a simple way to corral those kibbles and put an end to the waste...
    November 2015

  • *Correct Way To Give Eye Drops
    Understanding the best way to give eye drops will make medicating the occasional eye infection much easier for you and less stressful for your cat. Step-by-step instructions complete with photos show you exactly how best to administer eye drops to your cat...
    September 2011

  • *Corticosteroids: Friend Or Foe?
    Corticosteroids are a group of medications invaluable to the modern veterinarian. Sometimes considered a magic bullet, this group of medications can produce serious side effects if used indiscriminately.
    June 2013

  • *Cosmetic Surgery in Cats
    Cosmetic surgery is now available for cats. When is it acceptable? When is it unethical?
    August 2005

  • *Cost of a Show Cat
    Are you looking for new blood to add to your breeding program? Or maybe you are in the market for a new kitten to campaign this season. Perhaps you are just wondering what is a reasonable price for a show cat? This article has some things you should consider before answering that question...
    January 2003

  • Cost Of A USDA Dealer's License
    With the new USDA / APHIS rule in effect as of November 18th, 2013, cat breeders in the US will need to be considering their options when selling pet kittens. If you decide to apply for a dealer's license, how much will it cost? This article answers that important question for you . . .
    November 2013

  • Counting Cats
    This article includes a lesson from a master clerk on how to read a marked catalogue and count the number of cats necessary to calculate national, regional and grand points.
    April 2009

  • *Coupage
    Coupage is a simple technique that can be performed at home to loosen accumulated fluid in the lungs by rapidly tapping rhythmically on the chest of the animal. It is particularly beneficial for animals suffering from lung infections such as pneumonia or bronchitis. This article teaches how to do coupage via photos and text ...
    April 2010

  • *Courting A Sponsor For Your Cat Show
    For a cat club needing funds to help put on a cat show, the support of a corporate sponsor may make the difference between a shoe-string budget and being able to put on a higher quality show.
    January 2005

  • *Cow Hocks
    Cow hocks are a conformation fault of the hind legs. This article includes diagrams, descriptions and protocols for improving the condition.
    April 15 2008

  • *Cow Hocks In A Kitten
    See photos of a cow hocked kitten and learn about how the condition was improved through diet and exercise.
    May 2008

  • IW, SGC Cowboycasanova of Speakeasy
    When a little Bengal kitten broke his hip, no one could have predicted that he would grow up to become the winning-est Bengal of all time . . .
    March 2013

  • *Cranberries For Your Kitty: Good or Bad?
    The benefits of cranberries to cats are based on how cranberries are used to promote better human health, particularly in reducing urinary infections. There is some evidence, however, that cats may not process cranberries in the same way as do people. So — are cranberries good for your cat? Or bad?
    December 2015

  • Create A Free Facebook Page For Your Cat Club
    Lorna Friemoth of NuDawnz Cattery provides step-by-step instructions describing how to create a free Facebook page for your cat club, how to use Facebook to promote your cat show, and how to increase spectator attendance using Facebook advertising.
    May 2016

  • *Create Your Own Kitten Handbook
    Every cat breeder can easily create their own custom 'Kitten Handbook' — a manual that answers most of the questions a new owner will have. Learn more . . .
    January 2017

  • *Crooked Face
    Occasionally, as a kitten develops, the two sides of its face develop at different rates. This may result in what cat judges call a "crooked face". This article discusses this phenomenon using photos...
    April 2012

  • Crossing The Rainbow Bridge
    This wonderful poem is a different version of the popular concept of our departed pets waiting for us on the other side of the rainbow.
    March 2001

  • *Cuddle Curl
    Ever good female cat who has kittens will exhibit the Cuddle Curl. This behavior is essential to the well-being of her kittens.
    May 2015

  • *Culture & Sensitivity Test
    If an infection is not responding to the usual antibiotics it may be necessary to perform a culture and sensitivity test to determine the exact strain of bacteria that is causing the problem and the best choice of antibiotic to treat it.
    October 2017

  • *Cutting The Umbilical Cord
    Cutting the cord of a newborn is the most common `surgery` the cat breeder is called upon to perform. Enjoy a step-by-step description of the process, complete with photographs.
    March 2011

  • *Cutting The Umbilical Cord - When To Do It
    There is increasing evidence that it may be better to wait longer before cutting a newborn kitten's umbilical cord. Learn why...
    September 2011

  • *Cyproheptadine
    Cyproheptadine is an antihistamine that can also be used as an appetite stimulant.
    February 2007


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