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  • Fear Of The Bath
    Have you ever encountered a full-grown adult cat that becomes hysterical near water and fights tooth and nail to avoid a bath? Learn this simply technique of behavior modification that will help the kitty make friends with water....
    March 2009

  • FIFE & IDP Titles Explained
    Understand the difference between the titles awarded in FIFE and the IDP...
    August 2004

  • *Instinct Chain of Motherhood
    Are you interfering with the natural mothering instincts of your queen? Emma Hjälmås of CyberCats Persians shares her thoughts about how much or how little you should be helping your queen when she is delivering her kittens.
    May 2015

  • *Putting Your Cat In Oil
    Putting your cat in oil is THE way to get a silky soft coat. Once you`ve tried this you will never do without it again.
    August 2002


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