Title Cat : GCD, RW Ready Or Not Poptart II
Chocolate Silver Patched McTabby & White Devon Rex Female
First Devon Rex to earn the CFA Grand of Distinction title in Championship
by L. Johnson

This Issue Published: Tuesday, March 21, 2017
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Pregnancy & Delivery Record Keeping
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Good record keeping is an essential for the smart cat breeder. In particular, keeping detailed records of each female cat's past pregnancies and deliveries enables you to evaluate whether things are progressing typically for that particular girl in her current pregnancy. This article details the things you need to track . . .


Stud Service: Questions To Consider
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Before you offer a stud service to another breeder, or before you send your queen to an outside stud cat, here are the questions you need to ask yourself . . . 


Open Fontanelle In A Newborn Kitten
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Fontanelles are soft spots on a newborn's head which, during birth, enable the bony plates of the skull to flex, allowing the kitten's head to pass through the birth canal. Normally, the fontanelles fuse together as a kitten grows, but occasionally the fontanelle remain "open". This can pose a risk to the cat. Learn more . . .


Two CFA Regions Begin
Loyalty Rewards Programs For 2017

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CFA's Mid-West Region and Northwest Region has each begun a Loyalty Rewards program for 2017. Learn more about how you can receive up to $50 by showing your cats in these regions!


Devon Rex Grands of Distinction in CFA
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GC, GPD, RW Derry-Hill Lovie's Little Kiwi, bred by the incomparable Gerri Logan, C. Hasay and C. Curran, was the first Devon Rex to earn the Grand of Distinction title. Kiwi was owned and shown by Carolyn C. Jimenez and Kristin Nowell. Carolyn & Kristin also bred and campaigned GCD, RW Ready Or Not Poptart II, the first Devon Rex to earn the Grand of Distinction title in Championship. This article tracks the Devon Rex that have earned the title of Grand of Distinction in CFA, separated by year, and listed alphabetically.


Turkish Angoras of Distinction in CFA
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The first first and only Turkish Angora to earn the coveted title of Grand of Distinction is GPD, NW Folie A Deux Helena of Spunky Paws, a Blue Spotted Tabby & White Turkish Angora spay, bred by T. Scott, B. I. Tanner and R. Zinck, and owned and shown by Elaine Dawson & Sarah Sieffert. This article will track future Turkish Angoras that earn their Grand of Distinction title in CFA.


Eight Foods You Shouldn't Feed Your Cat
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Learn the eight foods that are bad for your kitty!


Great Cat Toys — and They're Free!
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Did you know that some of the best toys for kitties are free?


Cat Commandments
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Does your kitty know its cat commandments? The first one is "Thou shalt not jump onto the keyboard when thy human is using the computer."


Blast From The Past

Famous cats from the 1970's to the 2000's . . .

This week's star is:

IW SGC Tara's Georgious George
Red Tabby & White SH Scottish Fold Male
TICA's 5th Best Kitten, 1984-85
TICA's 13th Best Cat, 1984-85


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RW SGC Fractal Lost In Your Eyes of Speakeasy

Devon Rex:

GC, GPD, RW Derry-Hill Lovie's Little Kiwi
GPD, RW Dreadlock Rowan And Rue
GCD, RW Ready Or Not Poptart II


ParAmour Anton aus Tirol


GPD, NW Fuzzy-Foot's All Fired Up

Turkish Angora:

GPD, NW Folie A Deux Helena of Spunky Paws


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